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Registering an account with Casumo to play Wizard Shop for real money is a good idea. They offer a 200% bonus as a welcome to new players who deposit £10 or more. This offer doesn’t require any Casumo COUPON CODE, either. £1200 is the most you can get from this Casumo bonus which you can use to try out Wizard Shop or some other Push Gaming games. Seeking a good batch of promos? Casumo offers one – there’s the 200% welcome bonus up to £1200 on top of your deposit, and 20 + 180 Casumo free spins to spice things up.

How To Use the Casumo COUPON CODE

The good news is that Casumo doesn’t make you use any COUPON CODEs to play Wizard Shop with their bonus money. Namely, you can get the 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit that you can use to spin on Push Gaming slots, including Wizard Shop without having to enter any Casumo COUPON CODE.

How to Unlock the 200% Casumo Bonus

A 200% Casumo welcome bonus is available to newly registered players in Casumo who make their first deposit. It can be a smaller sum of £10, which you can upload very simply via Skrill, and the hefty bonus will be yours to spend. Spinning the slots from Casumo’s games library is much more relaxed this way, as you know the 200% on top of your deposit will keep your Casumo balance alive significantly longer.

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The ABC of Wizard Shop

Finding a good video slot that’s worth your time is hard. Wizard Shop may be just the thing, with its fabulous animation and £75000 the maximum win. Its maker, Push Gaming hit the spot for Magic-themed games’ fans with the Mystery theme perfectly depicted on the slot’s 5 reels and 50 paylines. This interesting title also includes, bonus rounds and many useful features and buttons that make Wizard Shop a unique title you’ll want to play.

Learn All About Wizard Shop Online

Push Gaming must have had Mystery-themed slots fans in mind when they made Wizard Shop. But, so many other Push Gaming slots players love it, too. Here’s what to expect if you choose Wizard Shop as your lucky slot.

Push Gaming probably wanted to make this video slot a rewarding one, so they incorporated 10 free spins With 16 regular symbols, including the special wilds complemented by a scatter, you’ll have plenty of chances to win big.

For hours of fun, seek a casino online with Mystery-themed slots, a simple and straightforward way to win prizes and have fun. Once you join, a great welcome bonus is yours .


This Magic themed slot was released in 2017 and it represents a fun and profitable Push Gaming slot. The good thing about any game produced by Push Gaming is that they strive to perfect them so you could have the best 50 paylines slot possible.

The Rules of Playing

Follow these rules when playing Wizard Shop:

  • The 50 paylines pay out left to right, which isn’t applicable for the Scatter
  • You can expect a win if you have at least 2 identical symbols on a payline
  • The least amount of coins you can stake is £0.25
  • Should you hit several winning lines, the best paying one is what you’ll get
  • The amount of free spins can amount to 10
  • Wizard Shop has wilds that can take the place of regular tiles, but not the place of a scatter symbol
  • A Scatter will give out a payment no matter where it falls
  • The gamble feature isn’t available during the autoplay nor for the maximum winners
  • In case of a glitch, the current play and prizes will become void

How to Play Wizard Shop

Indulging in Wizard Shop’s generosity is easy – just line up 2 on an active payline to win cash. 50 paylines and left to right payout direction will help you grab this video slot’s tempting money offer. In addition, Wizard Shop may pay big, too if you match 5 Wizard and Spellbook symbols. Sounds interesting? Want more details on how to play Push Gaming slots online? Just keep reading.

First, choose how and where you want to play. Casumo offers you a 200% bonus, up to £1200.

To play Wizard Shop slot with real money, simply go to Casumo and choose its user-friendly mobile version. This video slot guarantees up to £75000 cash prizes. The max win of 400x line bet is a real catch, indeed.

If you would like to try Wizard Shop free play version, you could visit Casumo website or use your mobile device. No software download is required.

Now it’s time for serious choices – how much to invest into Wizard Shop. You can pick your bet size on the bet value button. After this, use Spin to start the game and hope for at least 2 of a kind symbols on one or more of the 50 paylines. Or, pray to Lady Luck for 5 identical symbols on a payline, which brings Wizard Shop’s highest prizes.

It’s well-known that those who dare, win! Getting 5 of the same symbols lined up may require activating all 50 paylines. Precisely this should not concern you, as Wizard Shop set up the condition of playing on all 50 paylines as mandatory. Playing in Turbo mode is possible, too.

Wanna Start Having Fun Asap? Just Follow These Instructions:

  • Picking the number of lines to wager on is what you should do first.

There are 50 of them and they are fixed, so Wizard Shop is set at its top payout rate. Push Gaming prudently made this setting which maximizes Casumo players’ chances to win 400x their line bet more easily. Therefore, activating 49 or fewer lines in this video title is not necessarily a money-saving move.

Earn your winnings on paylines that pay left to right, and rejoice to prizes that aren’t so small, unlike many people believe about slots that involve 50 paylines. In case of Wizard Shop, it seemingly pays much better than some video slots with loads of paylines.

  • You need to choose the size of your credit.

Generally, you specify the coin value, but Wizard Shop slot did it instead of you. Namely, £ is allocated to every coin in this Push Gaming offering, bringing the gameplay one step closer.

The coin size is irrelevant because in Wizard Shop it is fixed to . Regardless, Wizard Shop’s best prizes are yours for the taking, including a top line bet winning of 400x.

  • The line stake is what you need to determine next.

When it comes to this Push Gaming title, coins per line are fixed to 1.

This Push Gaming release includes no payline choices. Namely, all 50 lines are always active. But it can be expected of Push Gaming to offer some new settings in future updates.

Push Gaming also left the option for fine adjustments with the bet value setting.

  • One way to start Wizard Shop’s 5 reels is to press the Spin button.

With this done, you are ready for Wizard Shop’s exciting gaming experience. Watch its 5 reels spin and expect some nice prizes. Push Gaming also made auto-play available. Push the Spin button and enjoy up to 100 automatically played rounds.

You can determine an Auto Play limit in cash, so when it’s gone, the 5 reels will stop moving.

  • Anything else, you wonder? Well, let’s see if Push Gaming gave us full screen and volume options.

You could say it’s a bit embarrasing that Push Gaming didn’t include the full screen mode. Well, they may add it in the next version.

When you want a bit of peace and quiet while Wizard Shop is spinning its reels, you can use the mute button.

Full on volume can sometimes be a nuisance. In Wizard Shop you can leave it that way, or turn it off completely, but there’s no middle.

Symbol Values

Wizard Shop’s symbols are not just pretty images. Here’s how they pay:

  • Fingers crossed for the Wizard and Spellbook – the most valuable
  • The Hour Glass
  • The Pink Potion
  • The Blue Potion
  • The Green Potion
  • But even the least valuable, the Red, Yellow and Purple Stone is not too bad.

In addition, there’s also:

  • The Wizard Wild – sets off the expanding wild feature
  • The Scroll which gives out Wizard Shop’s extra feature
  • the Wizard Wild and Wild which is the wild here
  • The Chest scatter sign
  • The Scroll – i.e. the freespins tile

The highest win can be hit on the top paying symbol – the Wizard and Spellbook. Namely, once you hit 5 of those symbols on an active payline, 400x your line stake will be paid out. Place on the maximum of 50 paylines, and such a winner will bring you coins – a hefty prize, indeed.

Here’s an image of the Wizard and Spellbook tile:

You will be pleased to know that the Wizard and Spellbook isn’t the only symbol that will earn you money. With 5 Hour Glass tiles you can win a 300x line stake multiplier, which is a very good winner. Furthermore, the Pink Potion tile carries with it a multiplier of 250x. Still, for this one as well, you need 5 of them.

Other symbols include the Blue Potion and the Green Potion, whose line bet multipliers reach 200x and 150x, respectively. There’s also the Red, Yellow and Purple Stone, whose 5 appearances on one of Wizard Shop’s active paylines pay 50.

Now let’s take a look at Wizard Shop’s wild symbol – it jumps in for any of the 16 other symbols and augments your winnings by 750x stake per line if 5 of them emerge on the 50 winlines. Furthermore, this Magic-themed release offers additional wild symbols.

Wizard Shop does have a nifty wild, but Push Gaming didn’t stop there when it comes to special symbols – the Chest scatter was thrown into the mix, with a line bet multiplier of x.

The fact that this Casumo slot release features a Scroll symbol that triggers free spins makes Wizard Shop’s offering even more attractive.


This is a 5-reel, 50-payline video slot.

We know the function of paylines in 5-reelers, as they are the ones which help win the best combos.

As mentioned before, this Magic-themed slot allows no paylines selection. Its 50 lines are fixed, but winning options are innumerable.

Still, you can decide on your bet using the aforementioned options.

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Payline Rules

  • All lines pay in the left to right direction.
  • You need to match and line up 2 or more symbols to hit a win.
  • Wild symbol is a substitute for regular Wizard Shop icons.
  • Occupying multiple lines is Wizard Shop’s expanding wild, as it spreads across reels.
  • the Chest pays any, regardless of the paylines.
  • All 50 lines pay out only the highest win. No two wins on a single payline can be paid.
  • All 50 win lines must be active to play Wizard Shop. This implies that Push Gaming designed the game to pay out all the winners at all times.

Slot Reels

If you like straightforward, no-nonsense exciting slots, then take Wizard Shop for a spin. Its 5 reels going downward let you concentrate on getting yourself some serious cash! Precisely what Push Gaming had in mind with this Mystery-themed game – easy-breezy spinning for some nice wins.

So, Wizard Shop has 5 reels, 50 paylines and 16 symbols all working together to earn you cash. Yet, not all of the symbols are just run-of-the-mill, Push Gaming incorporated a wild and a scatter symbol. Moreover, the 16 figures also include an expanding wild, in charge of covering the reel. One more tile – the Scroll – is the Wizard Shop special.

About the Wizard Shop Jackpot

In Wizard Shop you will not encounter any online slot jackpots. Instead, Push Gaming included a regular symbol – the Wizard and Spellbook symbol, which could multiply line stake 400 times. So, if you have the max bet setting on and decide to wager £100 per spin, this will get you the cash prize of £75000 that replaces the Wizard Shop jackpot quite adequately.

Push Gaming’s Wizard Shop Progressive Jackpot

There is no progressive jackpot with the Wizard Shop slots game from the ever popular Push Gaming stable. You can, though, increase the sums in your Casumo balance by helping to boost your winnings with the 400x line bet multiplying function that comes in the Wizard Shop game. And it’s also possible that some casinos using Push Gaming’s games have added this particular game into their own progressive jackpot feature.

Video Slots vs. Classic Slots

Wizard Shop is definitely a video slot. This 5-reel slot reveals quality graphics.

Is Wizard Shop a 3D Slot?

The answer is no. But don’t despair – Wizard Shop has neat graphics, and more importantly, good payouts. Besides, Casumo’s 3D and video slots don’t differ that much; it’s classic slots that stand out. Anyhow, Wizard Shop will surely win you over, as Push Gaming gave it lots of useful features.

Casumo Software Download

Wizard Shop download can be a real hassle. That’s why Casumo offers you an opportunity to play Wizard Shop directly on their website. You can also play it completely free on your computer, or even on mobile. If you’re confindent you want to play Wizard Shop for real money, press the play Wizard Shop for real money button image, and prepare for an exhilarating experience.

Control Panel

Let’s now focus on this 5-reeler’s toggles:

Ready, Set, Spin

Want to bet that the most used command on any contemporary slot game is the start button? Want to know why? Because that little thing is what starts the magic. Wizard Shop has a significant amount of money to give out, as much as £75000 and you can access the chance to win by pushing the Spin button. The dashboard has other commands, as well:

  • The Turbo button, which we’ll review later on
  • A mute button
  • An info tab for Wizard Shop’s paytable and general rules

Turbo Mode

Turbo mode is there to make the 5 go faster so you could get the money faster. And don’t worry, it works during the bonus rounds as well.

This is possible in Wizard Shop, thanks to its Turbo button. Push Gaming made its activation easy – a simple click is enough to control this Wizard Shop option, which makes winning faster.

Info Tab

The Info icon will open a page with Wizard Shop basic facts and rules. Make sure you read these, it might come in handy.

About Autoplay

Autoplay is the really cool component in video slots which you really need if you never want to stop spinning the reels, in which case you can forget about using Spin. This you can do in Wizard Shop, because the game does feature the Autoplay option. This setting is pretty helpful even when you are spinning reels for fun, allowing you to spin the 5-reel slot forever if you should so desire. Moreover, this kind of spin fest is even more awesome if you play Wizard Shop with real money.

Did you ever think that Spin could be replaced? Well, it can, with Autoplay, entailing that this 5-reels slot can be spun at your leisure! Not just that, but this automated function is also very flexible, thanks to Push Gaming.

It’s possible for the 5 reels to stop at any preset point, too

An option in Wizard Shop is to save your Casumo budget and create a cash limit for Autospin.

The Minimum Bet Size

Casumo likes to get their punters going with £1200 bonus for the newcomers. Be sure to make a use of it and enjoy this Magic-themed slot. Also, be sure to check what is Wizard Shop minimum stake – it will determine how much you’ll pocket.

Before you start this 50 paylines slot, you will need do specify your bet size. And if you decide to bet a minimum in Wizard Shop, you’ll have some clicking to do – there’s no Bet One toggle. The £ bet per line must be fixed with an appropriate button.

With the minimum line bet of £, your bet size will be modest £0.25.

The number of paylines in this 5-reeler cannot be changed. On the bright side, betting on all 50 lines enables winning all bonus rounds in this modern title. As for the minimum wager – £0.25 is enough to play and possibly strike Wizard Shop’s top prizes.

Max Bet

Highrollers may be disappointed that Wizard Shop doesn’t include the Max Bet button, but Push Gaming obviously forgot to enrich this 5-reeler with them. Yet, you can still win £75000 and benefit from its extra features.

Wizard Shop RTP

Return to Player, or RTP, is basically the figure which epitomizes the video slot’s chances for regaining your money, as per the slot game’s capacity. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in the slots with 50 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%, which means that you can gain an average profit of £96 on each £100 invested. However, you will not be reeling in 96% of the time, as RTP is in actual fact the rate of the payment from this 5-reeler over a certain time.

This Push Gaming slot is quite popular, and with a reason – it has an astonishing Wizard Shop RTP of 97%, so you will love spinning those 16 symbols.

Special Symbols

Concerning its special features, Wizard Shop involves both the Wizard Wild and Wild and the Chest, a Wild and a Scatter, which are covered in the following sections. Wizard Shop offers a very unique feature activated by Scroll but also a wild that occupies several fields.

Scatter Symbol

This Magic slot has a nifty little thing – the Chest scatter. It doesn’t matter where it is positioned, it will provide you with the multiplier of the top bet of times.

Scatter in Wizard Shop:

Push Gaming, Wizard Shop and the Wizard Wild and Wild Wild

The stand-in for any of the other 16 regular symbols is the Wizard Wild and Wild wild symbol. let’s say you have 4 symbols that match and let’s say these are the Hour Glass. What this wild will do is stand as a Hour Glass tile, thus giving you 5 matching symbols and winning you 300 times of the bet you made for a line.

Above is the pic of the the Wizard Wild and Wild wild symbol.

What is the Expanding Symbol?

It is great fun to play this video slot as it has not merely a wild symbol, but a Wizard Wild symbol that can pay the player a fantastic 750x bet per line.

Finding Stacked Wilds in this 50-payline Slot

The stacked symbols are very useful in video slots, although, sadly, this 5-reeler has none. Regardless of this omission, your winnings can go as high as 400x line wager in every spin you bet on and you can have some great fun playing.

More than Just a Wild

An overlay wild is wishful thinking in Wizard Shop, but who knows – maybe Push Gaming will introduce it in an update of this 5-reel slot.

Paytable Rundown

A detailed presentation of each of the 16 symbols with respective payouts is given in Wizard Shop’s Paytable – available within a click on the marked button This Push Gaming game pays out prizes as soon as 2 symbols of a kind appear. Maximally, 5 identical symbols may show up simultaneousy. So, this new and exciting slot’s highest prize is triggered by 5 of them. The Wizard and Spellbook is the highest rewarding standard symbol. It can make your winning line bet even 400x higher. Also, keep an eye on the Hour Glass symbol as it can make your line stake go up 300 times. Further on, there is a 250 line stake multiplier unlocked by the Pink Potion symbol. There is also the Blue Potion tile and its 200x line stake multiplier. And, don’t miss the Green Potion symbol, it is paired with a 150x bet per line multiplier. The last and the least is the Red, Yellow and Purple Stone – the bottom paying Wizard Shop symbol which can increase your line bet 50 times.

For instance, if you place a bet of £ per line and get 5 Red, Yellow and Purple Stone, your prize will be £. And it only gets higher – if Wizard Shop gives you 5 Hour Glass symbols on an active line, £ will fall into your Casumo account. However, the biggest balance booster is £, which you get for 5 Wizard and Spellbook symbols on one of the active lines.

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The Credit Setup

The process of selecting your Wizard Shop bet takes seconds and this video slot offers more than one method for this:

  • Define the bet level

It’s true that in Wizard Shop you can’t change the number of lines – 50 win lines must be played on. But 400x line stake and other major Wizard Shop prizes will more likely be yours with 50 lines on.

With bet value, you can set your stake between level 1 and 1 per each of the 50 available lines. The total bet is then to respectively.

Is There a Specific Value for Coins?

Determening the coin value can be a great way to keep your wagering under check. It takes just a couple of clicks or the size of your bet.

Can I Benefit from a Multiplier in this Push Gaming Title?

The multiplier feature in Wizard Shop is a grand money machine for Casumo punters; it makes up for the video slot’s lack of a suitable jackpot.

Here in this section, we give you an explanation of how Wizard Wild functions. When it comes up and Wizard Shop’s paylines note a winning line, Wizard Wild will multiply your win up to 10x. Additionally, the least multiplier, that thisvideo slot pays is 2x. This will grow with every win by 1x, developing into the maximum 10x multiplier. Nice, yes? Just like us, you will adore this Push Gaming slot feature as it makes more and more wins for you!

When winning a single line win of 5 Blue Potion symbols when Wizard Wild is active on the reels, Wizard Shop will reward you the minimum 400 times your placed line stake. Having a higher Wizard Shop multiplier or winning on more lines will raise the Blue Potion tile’s payouts. The maximum award per line occurs when 400x line bet is won with the 10x max multiplier. This win would amount to 600 times your line stake!

Bonus Features and Free Spins

Is This Push Gaming Game Packed With Extras, Specials and Bonuses?

About the Bonus Round

It’s a pity that this Casumo slot has no bonus feature. Perhaps the 10 free spins you can win in Wizard Shop could help you get over this fact.

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Getting Wizard Shop’s Gamble Feature

Some modern video slots have a double or nothing game, but Wizard Shop isn’t one of them. But who knows, maybe it’s better not to be tempted at all.

Wizard Shop Free Spins Explained

There’s a huge difference between Wizard Shop free spins from Push Gaming and those you get from casinos such as Casumo. Casumo offers 20 no deposit free spins and 180 after deposit for everyone who opens an account with Casumo. Spin the reels for free 20 + 180 times and see if you can win enough to meet playthrough. As for Wizard Shop, Push Gaming allocated 10 of them to this video online slot., providing players with better winning odds. Also, playing Wizard Shop in free mode isn’t the same as Wizard Shop’s free spins. Casumo’s fun play doesn’t bring any real prizes, while in Wizard Shop free spins you can win actual money.

Wizard Shop is one of the variety of video slots games that entitles you to free spins if you hit a certain feature, called Wizard Shop in this game from Push Gaming. If you’re lucky enough to get it, you’ll benefit from 10 free spins to try to win the big prize.

Getting into the winning mood with Wizard Shop’s free spins may be a chore, as 10 are hardly a gambler’s dream come true. Casumo has slots with more free spins, so Push Gaming could have done better with this video title. Still, there’s a free spins bonus by Casumo that could make your day. Enjoy 10 free of charge. However, Wizard Shop’s free spins shouldn’t be neglected altogether. With


A lot of Casumo players prefer video slots due to their modern design. This 50 paylines slot has a selection of controls that you can use to:

  • begin to play Wizard Shop for real money
  • consult the paytable
  • decide on the credit amount
  • send the 5 reels on auto spin
  • get info on Wizard Shop
  • make the game sounds go away completely
  • spin the 5 reels in Turbo speed

Music, Sounds and Audio

To players familiar with Wizard Shop and its Mystery theme and design, authentic sounds are inevitable. Push Gaming carefully created this game, so if £75000 comes your way, the audio elements in this 5 reels’ game will fully complement the wins. Naturally, Casumo players can turn on the mute button if Wizard Shop’s sounds are a bit too much.

How to Play Wizard Shop for Cash:

You’ll probably enjoy playing Wizard Shop due to its fabulous visuals, incredible extra features and top line prizes on offer of a max £75000. When you play in fun play mode at Casumo, though, you won’t be able to win real money. Wizard Shop should be played in Push Gaming’s real play mode to give you a chance of winning cash.

How to Play Casumo Slots for Real Money:

If you want Wizard Shop’s generous wins to end up on your Casumo account, you need to open one. And here’s how to do it:

  • Search for Casumo’s official website and use the sign up option
  • Fill out the form
  • Get a 200% up to £1200 on your first deposit plus 20 no deposit free spins and 180 after deposit
  • Make at least the minimum deposit of £10
  • Wager all you like on Wizard Shop

Casumo Withdrawals

Getting to your money is made easy at Casumo. Everything you will will imidiately go to your account. You can withdraw that money by using the user-frendly Skrill. Usually, there’s some kind of limit, so you’ll want to check that.

You can cash out even on a Casumo bonus, including their welcome offer of 200% on your deposit. To do so, meeting the 38 x playthrough is a must, if you want to withdraw your Wizard Shop winnings. Just make sure you’re familiar with Casumo’s T&Cs before withdrawing, but don’t look for them in Wizard Shop’s Info tab, as it’s all up to Casumo, not the slot or its maker.

Wizard Shop Demo Version

Play Wizard Shop online for free before plunging in for the £75000 reward. This demo version can be played on mobile.

You don’t have to bother with openning Casumo account to play Wizard Shop free mode. This video slot and many more Push Gaming slots are laid out for you to try – just head on to their website and start spinning the 5 reels.

Can I play Wizard Shop for free, without paying the deposit, and still win real money?

Casumo No Deposit Bonus Promotion Details

If you are interested in a Casumo no deposit bonus, threre are no such offers at the moment. The bonus on offer from Casumo currently requires you to make a deposit. However, you can at least play Wizard Shop with a low minimum deposit amount of £10. So your Casumo balance doesn’t need to be too high to start playing the 5 reels of this game.

Wizard Shop App for Mobile Devices

Wizard Shop app is MIA, but you can go to the Casumo website on your mobile device, whether it’s a Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, Android tablet or a smartphone, and just play there. The £75000 prize will still be there, without any Casumo app download or installation.

This 50 paylines game is available for iOS users through the Casumo app which you’ll find on iTunes.

Android users, hail Casumo app designed especially for you! Play Wizard Shop and other games by Push Gaming after downloading it from Google Play or Casumo’s site. Enjoy it all you like, wherever you like.

Albeit uncommon, this video is available for play on Windows because Casumo has developed an app for Microsoft Lumia users.

Be careful: if a website wants to sell you a Casumo or Wizard Shop app, don’t fall for it. The app is free for all device types, so save your money for playing Wizard Shop.

Play Wizard Shop Mobile and Get a Bonus

Doing things while on the go is a 21st century thing, but Casumo decided not to motivate punters who want to spin this 5-reeler on their mobiles with a mobile bonus. But who knows, maybe this video slot will be allocated a Wizard Shop mobile bonus sometime in the future.

The Highest Win

To work out how much you could win at Wizard Shop, get your calculator out. The Wizard and Spellbook – the symbol that pays the most – can see 400 x your line stake being won. If, then, you wager 1 coins per line, with ecah coine being worth £, this particular Magic slots game could see you net coins. The other symbols are explained in the paytable which you can see by pressing the button.

How to Win on Slots

Playing online slots games is not the same as playing certain other Casumo casino games you might come across. Where there is a certain amount of skill in playing, for example, blackjack or poker, slots are more like their random outcome cousins, such as roulette or baccarat. And even if you’ve had some luck with Push Gaming slots games before, there’s no guarantee you’ll repeat that luck with Wizard Shop.

Maybe it’s the potential Casumo bonus or other types of prize that you’re interested in? And maybe you’ve decided you want to investigate these 50 paylines slots games a bit further, as you think you might be able to make some serious cash from playing them?

After playing Wizard Shop for some time, it becomes clear that Push Gaming set it to pay larger amounts occassionally, which may prove to be quite decent for your Casumo bankroll in the end. After all, Casumo makes money on zillions of spins, so you don’t get affected.

Mind you, the possibility of winning the £75000 big win through Casumo might be seen as being just as much fun as playing the game itself!

Some Basic Facts about Push Gaming:

  • Established: 2010
  • Founder: James Marshall and Winston Lee
  • Headquarters: 14 Rosebery Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4TD, United Kingdom
  • Website: http://www.pushgaming.com/
  • Specialties: Desktop iGaming and Services, Mobile iGaming and Services, Land-based Games Porting and Distribution to Online Environments
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