Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Online Slot Review

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Know that when you sign up for Mr Green, you won’t be needing any Mr Green bonus code. Simply take the bonus and play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots for real money. You’ll get 100% on top of your first deposit of at least £10 without having to enter any special Mr Green bonus code. Making a deposit is rather simple – your Paypal or Skrill bankroll will do to load money into your account, and earn up to £100 in bonus money. It’s so cool of Mr Green to offer multiple bonuses – in addition to the 100% bonus, it gives away 100 + 100 Mr Green free spins.

Mr Green bonus code Tutorial

Sometimes, looking for Mr Green bonus code is just too much. Fortunately, Mr Green made them redundant. Thanks to their policy, you can enjoy a 100% bonus to match your deposit up to £100.

Mr Green Bonus

A 100% Mr Green welcome bonus is available to newly registered players in Mr Green who make their first deposit. It can be a smaller sum of £10, which you can upload very simply via Skrill and Paypal, and the hefty bonus will be yours to spend. What does that mean? That a deposit of, say, £10 can be doubled by using the 100% promo. Speaking about twice the fun and potentially twice the prizes!

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What Is This Lightning Box Games Release About?

This Lightning Box Games title represents one of their video slots that can earn you as much as £60000, plus other hefty bonuses. The Wilderness related design is made quite straightforward and it’s easy to see why this 5-reeler could be interesting for some punters. Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots has the maximum line bet multiplier of 200x that can be won on one of the 40 paylines by scoring 5 Lion symbols. All of this could be a reason enoguh to try Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots and see if it suits you.

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Online Overview

Sure, the Wilderness fans will find this slot interesting, but that’s not the only source of fun in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots. This article will explain what to expect.

If you think that all that Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots has to offer are 13 regular symbols, we can tell you you are wrong. There are scatters and wilds, along with special features made to boost your account, such as free spins.

For hours of fun, seek a casino online with African-themed slots, a simple and straightforward way to win prizes and have fun. By joining Mr Green, it is possible to download their app, allowing the chance to play on your mobile. Once you join, a great welcome bonus is yours .


Taking a single look at Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots reveals that this video slot, introduced in 2017, has a lot to offer. Made by Lightning Box Games, Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is a smooth running slot thanks to Lightning Box Games’s regular updates.

Guidelines and Rules

Before you start spinning the 5 reels, you should get to know the rules:

  • The minimum number of symbols for one of Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s winning combinations is 2
  • All prizes are paid left to right, except for scatter prizes
  • Single payout per line is made, always for top wins
  • Wilds enable additional wins by replacing symbols other than scatters
  • Scatters pay at any position on Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s reels
  • No gambling of the max wins or prizes won during autoplay is allowed in
  • Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots awards 10 free spins
  • A minimum bet of £0.48 per spin is required
  • In case a malfunction occurs, all prizes and plays will be proclaimed void

Learn to Play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Online

How and where to play Lightning Box Games slots online for real money? We have the answer. Lightning Box Games conveniently made this video online slot to pay left to right on the maximum of 40 paylines. You win when you match 2 symbols on a payline, while major Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots prizes are reserved for wins with 5 of the same symbols.

With the vast number of offers to participate in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots, you may be a little unsure. Mr Green can make this clearer for you by giving a 100% worth of credits to match your deposit, up to the maximum £100.

Mr Green lets you have fun with Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots in real money mode, winning up to £60000 that you can then cashout. Try this video slot on Mr Green’s flash website and their mobile version.

Prefer test-ride before plunging in? Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots free-play version can be found at Mr Green whether you play on computer or mobile. The installation of this 5-reeler is not necessary.

Once you feel ready to take the plunge, click Spin. This will set the reels in motion and if you get 2 matching symbols, you’ll get a prize.

With more active lines, hitting 5 matching symbols is much easier. Helpfully, this 5-reel game has enabled betting only on 40 paylines.

Here’s a Step by Step Guide:

  • The first thing you might have to do is choose the number of paylines to bet on.

Paylines in this 5-reel video slot title are not selectable. Play on 40 paylines or don’t play at all. However, its 5 reels offer you better payouts this way, including £60000 which will be easier to land.

In Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots you can expect the 40 paylines to give out the payouts left to right. These prizes will come only once in a while, but they will be hefty. What’s unique about this 5-reeler is that it has over 20 lines, so your chances are pretty good.

  • Now, it’s time to select the credit sum.

Widely known as coin size, this setting in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is adjustable by means of a specific button. £0.01 is the minimum betting amount, whereas £1.25 represents the maximum for those who play big.

If the paylines are fixed to max 40 by default, what Mr Green players need to do is set the coin value to get the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots jackpot prize of 200x your stake on every line.

  • The line bet size is what will determine the winner size.

The coins per payline is fixed in this particular Lightning Box Games slot.

As we have mentioned before, all 40 paylines need to be played on in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots. Players cannot make any choices here.

With the bet max button you’ll be able to set your Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots stake in once click.

  • Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots will begin its magic when you click on the Spin tile.

When you’ve set all the parameters and hit the Spin image, you can call yourself a Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots player. An even better option is to start automatic play. This will save you some clicks, up to 100 clicks to be exact.

  • Anything else, you wonder? Well, let’s see if Lightning Box Games gave us full screen and volume options.

It’s interesting to note that Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots lacks the full screen button. This unusal Lightning Box Games’s decision may surprise many players. Similar 40 paylines games usually contain this useful technicality.

When you want a bit of peace and quiet while Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is spinning its reels, you can use the mute button.

Still, there aren’t many options for setting this 5-reeler’s sound volume. Namely, Lightning Box Games offered just on and off variations.

Slot Game Symbols

This 5-reel slot features 13 symbols, of which the top paying ones are:

  • The Lion
  • The Elephant and Rhino
  • The Zebra and Flamingos
  • The Ace
  • The King, Queen, Jack and 9 is the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots symbol with the lowest payouts.

And to make payouts even better and Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots play more interesting, there are also:

  • A special Mountain wild symbol
  • the specific Diamond scatter symbol
  • the uniqueSpaceship jackpot tile
  • the Diamond freespins badge

The biggest win can be achieved by a jackpot symbol – Lion. Simply, when you hit 5 of these symbols on an active payline, 200x your line stake will be awarded. Betting £ on the maximum of 40 paylines, with such a win earns you £60000 – an impressive prize for sure.

Be on the look-out for this one, it will pay you the most:

Next comes the Elephant and Rhino as the second best symbol. If you stake 48 per line, it may boost it by 100 times, but if you decide to wager 48 coins per line and hit 5 of these symbols, 100 will be further multiplied by 48. After the Elephant and Rhino comes an equally generous tile – the Zebra and Flamingos, which rewards you with 75 on the 48 coin stake, but may increase your bankroll with a £ prize if you play on the max bet and 5 of them appear on an active line.

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots has a great deal to offer, and 60x line bet multiplier, awarded by the Ace symbol is just one of the things you can look forward to. The lowest paying symbol is the King, Queen, Jack and 9, which will award 50x your line bet if you line up 5 of them.

The jackpot in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots can be won if the Spaceship symbols are lit up.

In terms of this Lightning Box Games slot’s special features, the Mountain is the one that substitutes for its 13 regular symbols and awards 5000x stake when 5 of them hit the reels. It’s quite a bargain, considering the 48-coin the minimum bet.

Often combined symbols, wild and scatter, co-work in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots game as well. Note that the Diamond pays on any position, and may activate 800x bet multiplier if you are lucky.

You may be awarded with some free spins if you catch the Diamond symbol.

How Paylines Work

This Wilderness game is classified as a video slot that spins 5 reels and pays on 40 paylines.

The paylines extend across 5 reels of this Lightning Box Games game to form winning combos.

This 5-reeler leaves you no choice but to play on all 40 lines. Wilderness fans probably won’t mind, anyway.

Additionally, there are other options too. Choose the settings through the coin value option.

Also consider that in this 5-reeler you can choose your coin value manually with the simple and easy-to-use coin size toggle.

Lightning Box Games decided to let you change your Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots wager by using a coin size amplifier.

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Payline Rules

  • When it comes to paylines direction it’s left to right.
  • 2 matching symbols is what qualifies as a minimum for a win.
  • When you get a wild symbol, it will substitute any.
  • No matter where it lands, be sure that the scatter will pay.
  • The highest win pays, meaning that if you have more winners, the most lucrative will be yours.
  • Lightning Box Games had the number of paying lines fixed to 40 so you’ll be getting a chance to win on any of them.

Reels Overview

Lightning Box Games kept the direction in which Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s reels are moving quite ordinary – when activated, the 5 spinning wheels move toward the bottom of Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s screen, bringing nice, generous prizes up to 200x line bet.

This Lightning Box Games title involves 13 symbols, which include the Mountain substitute as well as a scatter symbol.

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Jackpot

Mr Green players that are searching for online slot jackpots may be disappointed that this Lightning Box Games slot has no fixed Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots jackpot. Prizes like 200x your line stake may be Lightning Box Games’s way to compensate for it. Lining up 5 of the top paying Lion symbols brings this sum, which is £60000 in cash.

Progressive Jackpot Information

If you like a progressive jackpot, you sadly won’t find one in the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots game. It does, however, feature a 200x line stake multiplier function and other high value winnings available. It may also be the case that other online casinos that use games by Lightning Box Games will offer their own version of a progressive jackpot that includes the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots game.

Video Slots vs. Classic Slots

Lightning Box Games made this title a video slot. It’s well known that Lightning Box Games’s video slots are of premium quality. Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is no exception to this rule. Filled with Lightning Box Games’s famous extra features, this cool 5-reeler brings more thrill than any traditional slot could. Mr Green players will also love its animation with which Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots celebrates every win on those 40 lines.

Did Lightning Box Games Make Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots a 3D Game?

No 3D graphic for this video slot. Though, when you think about it, you don’t really need all those bells and whistles. All you need is 5 reels and a bigger wallet to fit potential winnings!

Mr Green Download Explained

When you don’t want to spent too much time on a Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots download, or setting up a game, you can play it instantly on the Mr Green website. There, you won’t find just Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots, but many more interesting and cool Lightning Box Games titles. Should you want to play this video slot just for fun, you are able to do so even on your mobile phone. Now, if you want to dive right in and get the bets rolling, go to the play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots for real money button and just start playing for real money

Buttons and Controls

Lightning Box Games produced this slot with some basic commands:

Pressing Spin Starts the Game

Without a doubt, the button you click the most in all Mr Green slots is often referred to as Spin or Start button. In Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots, Lightning Box Games decided to call it Spin and give it the role of the 5 reels starter, which may bring you up to 48000 coins to cash out. Various other buttons were designed by Lightning Box Games for this video-game-like slot, including:

  • Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots has the maxbet button that takes your bet to the maximum
  • Adjust the game volume
  • Customize the coin
  • If you need more directions and information about Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots, click on the button with information

Turbo Option

Every now and then, African style slots include a turbo button to quicken the speed of their reels. When this is engaged, the reels will spin faster in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s base game and even during any bonus rounds.

As it happens, Lightning Box Games thought it best not to include a Turbo command in this Wilderness slot, but that shouldn’t stop you from benefiting from it’s 13 beautifully designed symbols.

Info Button

While it’s really weird that Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots has no Info tab, you can still refer to its paytable via a designated button or contact Mr Green’s support center for additional info.


There’s no doubt that Autoplay is a useful feature. We could even say, essential. It lets us sit back and enjoy our favourite African and other kinds of slots without clicking on Spin button every single time. However, it’s not present in every slot out there. Fortunately, Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots has Autospin, which means starting those 5 reels to spin numerous times takes a click. Lightning Box Games set Autospin to stop on major wins, like £60000, or on special features.

It is without doubt that the Autoplay setting in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots enables much faster spinning.

The Lowest Stake

If these 5 reels really tickled your fancy and now you want to join Mr Green and use all of those smashing offers that new players get, don’t just start spinning the 13 symbols willy-nilly. First check what is the minimum required bet amount for Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots and then hit the Spin icon.

Here you have a very nice standard video slot, but it has just one shortcoming – no dedicated Bet One button. This means that you will be setting the lowest amount of money you want to bet per line.

With Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots you have the option to put the coin value at £0.01 which is the lowest value. This is a good option, especially if you are not that well versed when it comes to playing video slots.

In the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots slot, the paylines are fixed. The lowest coin amount you can stake is 48 coins – per each line. You cannot decrease your bet by turning one of the 40 off. This is good news – playing on all 40 lines guarantees you can trigger all the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots bonus rounds, extra features and free games. With the low the minimum stake of £0.48, this Lightning Box Games’s slot allows you to both start slowly and still get all the extra features.

Maximum Bet Level

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is a neat slot for many reasons, one of them being the max Bet button. With just a clik you can play this Wilderness themed slot to the max with all jackpots and bonuses included. The max coin per line bet is , which totals 48 coins per spin on all 40 lines. Translated in cash, wager £1.25 per coin and your bet will reach £60. Mindblowing, huh?

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots RTP

Return to Player, or RTP, is basically the figure which epitomizes the video slot’s chances for regaining your money, as per the slot game’s capacity. It is always expressed in percentages, and the RTP in the slots with 40 paylines is likely to range from 93% to 96%, which means that you can gain an average profit of £96 on each £100 invested. However, you will not be reeling in 96% of the time, as RTP is in actual fact the rate of the payment from this 5-reeler over a certain time.

You will be glad to know that this video slot is more than it meets the eye – the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots RTP is no less than 97.01%.

Extra Symbols

This Wilderness themed slot has a wild and a scatter tile. You will be provided with more details on those later on.


If you spin the 5 reels, you just might get lucky and pull the the Diamond scatter which will get you the line bet800x miltiplier. Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots sure is full of surprises – the the Diamond scatter is more than meets the eye. Namely, it will award you with free spins.

Below is the image showing the scatter in this Lightning Box Games slot:

What Classifies as a Wild Symbol?

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s wild symbol – the Mountain substitutes for regular symbols, like the Ace, completing their winning combinations. Therefore, with 4 Ace icons on one of the 40 acive lines, having the Mountain means you’ll get 60x stake per line for all 5 matching symbols.

This tile is the the Mountain wild symbol.

Expanding Wild in Lightning Box Games video

Sadly, you won’t encounter an expanding wild in this Wilderness slot. But it is, nonetheless, a very lucrative modern video game considering that is has many features that are there to insure your spinning is both fun and profitable.

Wild Stack

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots doesn’t have a stacked wild symbol. But you have a chance to get the 200x line multiplier, so you might as well give it a spin.

Does this Mr Green Slot Have an Overlay Wild?

You won’t find an overlay wild symbol in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots. Maybe there is a certain reason why Lightning Box Games didn’t incorporate it in this video slot, but for now you’ll have to spin it as is.

Will I Need the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Paytable and What For?

A detailed presentation of each of the 13 symbols with respective payouts is given in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s Paytable – available within a click on the marked button This Lightning Box Games game pays out prizes as soon as 2 symbols of a kind appear. Maximally, 5 identical symbols may show up simultaneousy. So, this new and exciting slot’s highest prize is triggered by 5 of them. The Lion is the highest rewarding standard symbol. It can make your winning line bet even 200x higher. Also, keep an eye on the Elephant and Rhino symbol as it can make your line stake go up 100 times. Further on, there is a 75 line stake multiplier unlocked by the Zebra and Flamingos symbol. There is also the Ace tile and its 60x line stake multiplier. The last and the least is the King, Queen, Jack and 9 – the bottom paying Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots symbol which can increase your line bet 50 times.

For example, getting 5 King, Queen, Jack and 9 symbols on one of Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s lines will bring you £ on the minimum wager of £. But you can get more, too – say, £ for 5 Zebra and Flamingos tiles lined up on those 5 reels. Or, if you’re really optimistic, hope for 5 Lion icons that will bring you £.

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Allocating the Betting Credit

Wondering how to set your Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots bet? It’s easy, and Lightning Box Games provided you with several ways to do it:

  • Coin size setup

This is a 40 lines slot, and all these lines will be active while you’re spinning those 5 reels. You can’t choose to turn any of them off, i.e. the number is pre-established.

Can I Determine the Value of My Coins in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots?

Each coin you use has a distinctive value in cash. It’s important to learn how to set it:

A sure way to make playing this Wilderness themed slot a good experience is to decide for yourself what will be the value of your coins. On the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots screen, you will find a button that lets you set the value, it’s called yes. The value can go from £0.01 all the way up to £1.25. Once you set it, you can start spinning those 5 reels. But just keep in mind that you have 40 lines here, which means that your total stake, if you decided to have the maximum value, will be £60.

How About a Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Multiplier?

As you probably know, there are 40 paylines slots that allow for a line betmultipler, usually varying from 50x to 200x, but a multiplier feature doesn’t fall into this category. This Wilderness game has the Hold N Spin special which is here as an alternative for the special multipler.

All The Special Features in This Lightning Box Games Release

Did Lightning Box Games include any of these?

Can Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Bring Me a Bonus Round?

How smashing would it be to have a bonus game in this Wilderness – themed slot? Alas, you won’t get that feature in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots. But you shouldn’t be discouraged because Lightning Box Games prepared some free spins for you. 10 of them, to be exact.

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Getting Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s Gamble Feature

It’s not uncommon for Lightning Box Games slots to feature the Gamble round, which prompts Mr Green players to additionally risk their winnings. Yet, this 5-reeler is not among them – what you win on its 40 lines is yours to keep, period. That’s cool, ’cause Mr Green punters often fret risk features: when Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots pays, no one wants to lose their hard-earned winnings.

What Are Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Free Spins?

It’s possible to get confused by free spins. When playiing video slots games, you might see Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots free spins offered. Also, on signing up to certain online casinos, including Mr Green, you might see that they offer you 100 no deposit free spins and 100 after deposit you might get some free spins as thank you for joinig up. Don’t make the mistake of confusing the free play offer at Mr Green with free spins. Free play is a demo mode offered by Mr Green that allows you to play without cash. You won’t win cash for these games, however, Lightning Box Games slots do offer free spins that can pay well if you win them in real money play.

While playing this video title, you’ll surely notice its Diamond Pick round, which brings 10 free spins.

Graphics and Layout

Mr Green has a variety of titles and Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots is in the category of video slots. This means that it’s modern, nicely looking and practical 5-reeler. Set it up to:

  • inspect the paytable
  • opt for the coin value
  • maximize your game with the maxbet switch
  • turn on the mute button
  • make the autospin option active
  • play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots for real money

The Sound Effects

It is, indeed, logical to assume that a Wilderness-themed slot contains distinguishing audio characteristics. So, Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots lives up to the expectations. Here, Lightning Box Games prudently selected the tones bringing closer to Mr Green punters the subject-matter of this 5-reeler. Its top award – £60000 – unfolds in the rhythm of authentic sounds. Should you prefer playing in silence, this trendy online slot comprises a standard mute option.

How to Play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots for Cash:

With many African-themed slots games, your senses can be overwhelmed by visuals. Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots isn’t like that, though, so you can enjoy Lightning Box Games’s relatively generous game without distraction. You can win 48000 coins during the game play for this 5 reel slot. And there’s a nice max potential win of £1.25, which would be very nice indeed!

Which Steps Must I Take to Get to the Cash Play?

If you want Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s generous wins to end up on your Mr Green account, you need to open one. And here’s how to do it:

Withdrawal Policies

It’s cool to play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots when you know that Mr Green will register your winnings instantly, and process withdrawal via Paypal and Skrill, as well as other e wallets quickly and reliably. Just note that limitations exist, so contact Mr Green customer support for more info.

You are entitled to cash out your Mr Green bonus, taking account of their sign up offer of 100% of the deposit amount. In order to do this, you should match the 35 x play through before you go about withdrawing your winnings from Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots. Check out the T&Cs from Mr Green first, though. However, be awrae that these terms aren’t included in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s rules section, as they are determined outside of Lightning Box Games’s control.

Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Demo Version

You can play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots online for free at Mr Green. This is perfect for punters who want to try Lightning Box Games slots online, either through computer or their mobile.

Mr Green is all about being practical, so you can play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots free, without an account. Practice for a while, and then go for the £60000 prize.

Should I Expect a Mr Green No Deposit Bonus?

Even though there are currently no free chips offers and no Mr Green no deposit bonus, the fans of Lightning Box Games slots can benefit from its £ 100 deposit bonus. Of course, expect us to update this Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots review should a no deposit bonus be added to Mr Green’s promotional offers.

Can I Play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Online Via the Mr Green App?

Indeed, you can enjoy all the benefits of Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s considerable if rare payouts on Mr Green’s special Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots app, which you can download for free to your iOS, Android device. As a bonus, this straightforward slot title does have that £60000 top prize to offer.

Should you wish to get one of the profitable prizes this slot is offering, and you wish to watch the 13 regular symbols spin on your iPad or iPhone, download the Mr Green app from iTunes and play wherever you are.

This 40 paylines game is available for play on Android devices if you download the Mr Green app from Google Store. This is a great way to pocket the colossal rewards this title has in store.

One thing you should beware of if you want to play Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots online is that you should always download a verified Mr Green app, which is free of charge. Any apps offering Lightning Box Games slots for a fee are fraudulent.

Mr Green App Bonus for Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots Mobile

Getting more for your money is the goal of Mr Green’s online and Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots mobile players alike. However, Lightning Box Games fans on the go don’t get any mobile incentives, so Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots can be played on mobile only with as much money as you deposit. Not very stimulating, right?

The Biggest Win

Want to know more about Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s best prize? Check out its paytable – press the paytable icon and it will open up. There you’ll see Lion which pays out the top prize of 200x line bet when 5 of them hit those reels. That’s the Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots prize to keep your eye on if you’re into big wins.

Winning Tips

With all the different rules and regulations available to read from Lightning Box Games and other slots games manufacturers, you might think there was quite a lot involved in actually playing the games themselves. However, what you really need to bear in mind is that slots games operate on a random basis, so you’ll not be able to improve your chances of winning, no matter what you do to try and get better at game play.

But the truth is – no one has a special recipe for winning on online slots. Therefore, the only real strategy you should stick to is this:
– determine exactly how much you want to spend and stick to it
– decide for how long you’d like to play and select credit size
– collect the bonuses that will work best for you
– know when to stop, whether you’re winning or losing

Rewards in Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots definitely need to be mentioned. They come infrequently, but in memorable amounts. Furthermore, this 40 paylines game has the RTP of 97.01% – another positive characteristic. Of course, while Mr Green’s earnings from countless spins of its 5 reels aren’t negligable, Serengeti Lions Stellar Jackpots’s returns to its players can be impressive, too.

You might simply be interested in having some fun. You might just enjoy watching the 5 reels spinning around, passing away some leisure time without a care in the world. Whatever the reason, we recommend you always approach the slots with a sense of fun, and not get too carried away with the possibility of hitting that big prize win.

Specifics about Lightning Box Games:

  • Established: 2004
  • Headquarters: P.O. Box 166, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Sydney
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Desktop, Mobile and Social iGaming Software, Land-based Slot Machines, Business Consulting
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