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Once you decide you are ready to play Royal Spins for real money, head to LeoVegas’s mobile or online site and take a look at their promos. For just £10 that you can deposit using your Paypal account or Skrill, and without any bonuscodes, you can benefit from 200% new player bonus. Mind you, it could reach £1600 in free money that can come in handy since Royal Spins pays larger amounts, but only from time to time. If you’re into freebies, you’ll love LeoVegas for its generosity. Namely the casino doesn’t give you just the £1600 200% welcome bonus, but also some LeoVegas free spins with which you’ll be able to spin Royal Spins 20 + 100 times for free.

bonus code How To:

Stop looking for a LeoVegas bonus code right now, ’cause this respectable venue lets you play IGT games with their own money and without bonus codes. So, grab the 200% first deposit bonus which could go as high as £1600 and start your Royal Spins online slot adventure right away, bonuscode-free.

Is There a LeoVegas Welcome Bonus?

Here you can learn all about the LeoVegas welcome bonus.

The first deposit with a fresh LeoVegas account unlocks a 200% LeoVegas bonus. LeoVegas asks for the minimum deposit of just £10 in return for which you get a 200% match, with the maximum of £1600. It will be added to your LeoVegas bankroll immediately to welcome your first IGT games experiences at LeoVegas.

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Royal Spins is a good introduction to playing online slot games for real money. It’s a 5-line video slot game that features 5 reels, some nice extra features, as well as interesting, if simple design, which make its Fruit Machine theme really come to life. What’s more, this generously paying title may bring you up to 1000x your line bet!

Royal Spins Online Features

If you’re into slots with a Fruit Machine theme, Royal Spins is the right choice. If not, take a spin, it may just become your favourite IGT title. Royal Spins is quite a treat for Classic fans, and also everyone else that loves video slots in general.

If you’re into slots with features, IGT probably thought of you when making this video slot. Apart from special features like rounds and rounds of free spins you can always benefit from 6 symbols that include scatters, and the Red 7 symbol that pays up to 1000x line bet.


IGT’s famous Royal Spins video slot, first presented in 2017, is a game of many facets. IGT strives to keep it constantly updated: Royal Spins consequently always runs smoothly and without bugs.


Regarding this IGT slot’s rules, here’s the thing:

  • IGT designed this 5-reel slot to pay for at least 3 of a kind lined up symbols
  • Royal Spins also pays both ways, which doesn’t work for scatter wins
  • Prizes are paid only on active lines
  • Scatter payouts are based on the pay-any principle
  • Royal Spins pays only the highest wins per line
  • allows players to play double or nothing with their winnings
  • Top wins cannot be played in
  • Royal Spins offers 10 free spins
  • Place the minimum of £0.05 per spin
  • Entire progressive jackpot sum is won when the jackpot is hit
  • Winnings and games are proclaimed null and void in case of any malfunction.

Learn to Play Royal Spins Online

When you play IGT slots online and have a 5 paylines slot such as this one, you will want to know everything about it – the lines pay both ways, and you need to match the minimum of 3 symbols or the maximum of 5.

How to choose where to play Royal Spins slot? The offer is abundant. Still, in the right casino you’ll get even more! Up to £1600 will top up your first depost at LeoVegas.

Playing Royal Spins for real money is always exciting. At LeoVegas, you can enjoy this video slot on their flash website and via your mobile. Royal Spins is well-known for paying up to £250000 worth of prizes and other benefits.

If you’re a bit unsure, play this Classic slot in the free mode first, which is available for mobile play, too. LeoVegas offers a no-download version of its games.

The moment you decide to spin the 5 reels, hit the Spin button. But before you do that, go to a designated toggle to determine the bet size. When the reels start spinning, hope for 3 matching tiles on one of the 5 paylines, ’cause this is how much you need for a win.

The goal is to fill up your LeoVegas account, and the means to do it is playing Royal Spins with all 5 paylines included in the game. But you can have one line active as well with the help of the paylines button, just know that it won’t help your winning cause much.

Follow These Steps:

  • Before starting, check how many bet lines are active.

In terms of Royal Spins, it offers 5 paylines. You can select their number – 1 being the low and 5 the high. A piece of advice: If you desire this IGT slot’s payouts to be more frequent, just leave this setting on the max.

Get your winnings from paylines that reward both ways in this surprisingly dynamic 5-reeler. Namely, unlike other below-20-payline games, Royal Spins pays out some rather impressive amounts. Thus, this video slot is truly a rewarding entertainment.

  • Now, the next step is toward your preferred credit size.

When you get to LeoVegas to play for real money, rememeber that Royal Spins has limited the coin size to £. This IGT game remains simple and user-friendly. Let its 5 reels spin and look for great prizes.

Remember that IGT has simplifed some things for you. The £ coin value is the only option. But Royal Spins’s 5 paylines are selectable instead. This 5-reeler is known for its generous progressive jackpot.

  • The line bet size is what will determine the winner size.

When playing this IGT online game, remember that the number coins per payline cannot be changed.

As it was said earlier, Royal Spins gives you the chance to choose from 1 to 5 paylines and this can be done by pressing a specific button.

This 5-reeler features a designated bet value button for LeoVegas players’ convenience.

Creating your desired bet is easy with this Royal Spins option. What’s more, it can go up to £30, and if you’d like to pay less, £0.05 is the minimum line bet. With £30 as the top line wager, Royal Spins is a great choice for high-rollers.

  • Royal Spins will begin its magic when you click on the Spin tile.

This button starts a spin on Royal Spins on the bet you set moments before. But if you were looking forward to winning on Royal Spins without spinning – this IGT titles will disappoint you. You have to activate the slot manually, using Spin for every spin.

  • When done with this, Royal Spins will be ready to play. However, IGT may have prepared some full screen and volume options you might want to consider.

It’s very peculiar that there’s no full screen option in Royal Spins. This certainly diminishes the winning thrill.

The mute toggle is there to mute this Classic-themed slot. Particularly if you are not fond of Las Vegas.

Full on volume can sometimes be a nuisance. In Royal Spins you can leave it that way, or turn it off completely, but there’s no middle.

You won’t be glad about this if Royal Spins’s classic Vegas sounds aren’t your thing.

How Well do the Symbols Pay?

A total of 6 symbols spin in your favour in this IGT online slot. Here are the most rewarding among them:

  • The one to go for is the Red 7
  • The Golden Bell
  • The Plum
  • The Orange
  • And there’s the Cherry.

Aside from those regular symbols, IGT also included some special ones, such as:

  • The Cherry which brings the jackpot
  • The Crown scatter
  • The Crown which will award free spins

If you are enjoying this IGT slot and hope to win the big prize, then pay attention to Red 7, which acts as a jackpot symbol, and 5 of which can make you a fantastic winner with a prize of 1000x payline stake. Using simple math, with the £30 maximum line stake and all 5 paylines, winning this reward would bring a very hefty £250000 prize!

Remember this symbol because it is the highest paying one:

The second best paying symbol is the Golden Bell, which multiplies your Royal Spins line bet by 500 on the coin stake when all 5 of them appear, but if you place coins per line, this sum will be multiplied by . As for the third highest paying symbol – the Plum – it also pays well; getting 5 of these on an active payline brings 100 on the lowest stake level and £3000 on the top stake.

There are a few other symbols in Royal Spins, including the Orange 5 of which pay line bet multiplier of 50x. Last and the least is the Cherry, which pays out frequently and modestly. With 25 as its top payout, it still ranks well, considering that you’ll see 5 of these symbols more often than others.

If you look forward to major wins, Cherry will definitely be your favourite! What you get with it is Royal Spins’s progressive jackpot which starts at £ and may reach massive amounts.

Royal Spins will give you plenty of chances to win, and the Crown scatter is one of those chances. If you get them and line up 5 of them, your wager will be multiplied 200 times.

It’s good to know that IGT also included a special free spins symbol, the Crown.

About the Paylines

This slot’s main characteristics include video animations, 5 reels and 5 lines.

You can benefit from 5 paylines in this genuine video slot, and they’re there to decide how much this IGT slot will pay you. To select which of the 5 paylines will be active, adjust their number on Royal Spins’s payline button. You can go with 1 up to 5 of them.

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Things to Know About Paylines:

  • Winning on Royal Spins’s paylines is both ways.
  • Get at least 3 matching symbols along a payline for Royal Spins to pay a prize.
  • No paylines are needed for the scatter symbol to pay.
  • Top win per line paid alone. In case of two or more Royal Spins wins on an active line, the biggest one is paid.
  • If you decide to play on less than 5 bet lines, count on less frequent wins. Royal Spins won’t pay for any wins hit on inactive lines.

Learn about the Reels

Just as most video slots, this one’s 5 reels go downward. So you won’t need any getting used to.

Playing a video slot like Royal Spins is great because of its 6 symbols.

Royal Spins Jackpot Info

As far as online slot jackpots go, there’s no Royal Spins jackpot, but that doesn’t mean this IGT title won’t let you win big. The Red 7 symbol could bring you the top prize – 1000 times line bet, which is a massive coins if you wager the maximum bet With your coin value set to £30 and a bet of all coins, your win could amount to whopping £250000.

What are the Chances to Hit a Progressive Jackpot?

When you have a progressive jackpot, as you do in this Classic-themed release, you can rest assured that you can wheel in tremendous winnings. Every time someone spins these 5 reels it is accounted to the jackpot loot. If Royal Spins pays the jackpot, simply continue playing because it immediately starts increasing the starting sum.

What’s the Difference Between Video and Classic Slots?

You are looking at a Classic video slot. IGT opted for a simply designed layout. Therefore, Royal Spins is both lucrative and entertaining.

Is this a 3D Slot Game?

Royal Spins is not a 3D slots game. The game is good, but IGT decided not to utilise 3D technology and graphics. Its 5 reels are fun to play anyway, with this classic slots game play at LeoVegas casino being sure to keep you entertained.

LeoVegas Download

Royal Spins download is optional in LeoVegas. All that’s required is internet access. You are entitled to play the 5 pay lines without using cash, using the demonstration version of the game. Royal Spins freeplay, of course, doesn’t actually win you any cash.

Control Panel

Here’s a few pointers about Royal Spins controls:

What’s the Spin Button for?

Without a doubt, the button you click the most in all LeoVegas slots is often referred to as Spin or Start button. In Royal Spins, IGT decided to call it Spin and give it the role of the 5 reels starter, which may bring you up to coins to cash out. Various other buttons were designed by IGT for this video-game-like slot, including:

  • The sound control commands
  • The Info icon with all the instructions and rules of this IGT slot which can be accessed with one click
  • The yes button which lets you determine how many lines you are wagering on
  • The Bet Value control button which helps set the size of the stake

The Turbo Button

If you don’t wish to wait for the reels to spin at their normal speed, during a free spins bonus but rather, you want to speed up the slot game playing time, then you can use the Turbo button.

Unfortunately, IGT didn’t include this option into Royal Spins. Nevertheless, the game’s not dull at all.

Info Button

It is possible that the Info page is one of the most undervalued features of Royal Spins. And yet, inside it you will find all the rules and other important info about the IGT title, so please make sure you utilize it.

The Auto-Spin

Generally speaking, autoplay serves to spin reels automatically, for a predetermined number of times. That way there’s no need to press Spin every time you want to start the game; video slots usually just require resetting Autoplay when it’s done or a feature is hit. It may sound unbelievable, but IGT failed to include Autoplay into Royal Spins. It’s quite strange considering that numerous video slots have this feature.

The Min Bet

LeoVegas likes to get their punters going with £1600 bonus for the newcomers. Be sure to make a use of it and enjoy this Classic-themed slot. Also, be sure to check what is Royal Spins minimum stake – it will determine how much you’ll pocket.

The lowest bet per line stands at £0.05. The result of Royal Spins’s 5 linesx minimal bet is £0.05. And this is really the lowest possible bet unless you exclude some paylines.

For this title, IGT provided an option to choose less lines than 5 paylines. What you should know, though, is that by doing so you would also lessen your chance to freespins which would be a great way to boost your winnings.

Max Bet Command

Since IGT didn’t include a one-click button for the max Bet, Royal Spins requires you to the maximize the wager yourself.

Royal Spins RTP Rate

If you’re planning on playing a 5 paylines slot, you should know its RTP – Return to Player. This is a value calculated with an algorithm that gives out the rate of payouts over time and shows it with a percent. For example, on average Royal Spins gives back to players £96 for every £100, which places its RTP at 96%.

Now, this 5-payline title is amazingly attractive for players, as it has an enormous Royal Spins RTP of 91.88% to 96.03%, one of the highest rates in the spinning industry.

Special Symbols

Royal Spins has some very nice symbols – there are 6 of them. But besides those, what IGT intoroduced is a wild card symbol.


This 5-reel online slot features a scatter, which is called the Crown, and pays any up to 200x bet per line. Besides that, it activates Crown Bonus, which significantly adds to its appeal.

Here is a picture of the Scatter:

IGT made a great big ommission in this video slot. Namely, there is no wild symbol amongst the other 6 symbols. However, it is still possible to win £250000, although we must admit the game’s not as exciting as when there’s a wild symbol.

Can I Get an Expanding Wild in This IGT Title?

It’s indeed a great setting, the Expanding Wild! Sadly, it is not part of this IGT release. But still, you have many other great features that will keep you amused and winning.

Details About the Stacked Extra

The stacked symbols are very useful in video slots, although, sadly, this 5-reeler has none. Regardless of this omission, your winnings can go as high as 1000x line wager in every spin you bet on and you can have some great fun playing.

More than Just a Wild

You won’t find an overlay wild symbol in Royal Spins. Maybe there is a certain reason why IGT didn’t incorporate it in this video slot, but for now you’ll have to spin it as is.

Paytable Rundown

A detailed presentation of each of the 6 symbols with respective payouts is given in Royal Spins’s Paytable – available within a click on the marked button This IGT game pays out prizes as soon as 3 symbols of a kind appear. Maximally, 5 identical symbols may show up simultaneousy. So, this new and exciting slot’s highest prize is triggered by 5 of them. The Red 7 is the highest rewarding standard symbol. It can make your winning line bet even 1000x higher. Also, keep an eye on the Golden Bell symbol as it can make your line stake go up 500 times. Further on, there is a 100 line stake multiplier unlocked by the Plum symbol. There is also the Orange tile and its 50x line stake multiplier. The last and the least is the Cherry – the bottom paying Royal Spins symbol which can increase your line bet 25 times.

Wondering how it works in practice? Well, Royal Spins will pay you £1.25 whenever you line up 5 of Cherry symbols on one of its 5 lines. The same goes for other symbols – 5 Plum tiles will bring you £5. And there’s always the top prize – £50 that you’ll get for hitting 5 of a kind Red 7 symbols on one of the lines.

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The LeoVegas Credit Amount

This Classic themed slot has some lucrative prizes to offer. If you want to take Royal Spins for a spin, you should know how you can set up your LeoVegas credit.

  • Establish how many lines you will have for betting
  • Pick a bet level
  • What will be the amount of cash per line

This is a 5 lines slot, which means you have that many paylines. But you don’t have to bet on all of them, you can choose to bet on just 1.

This slot has 5 paylines and a neat button that puts you in charge of your bet size – the Bet Value. If you click on it, it will give you a choice of selecting how big you are going to go with your stake. The smallest number of coins you can have per line is 1. This will bring your wager to . But, if you feel confindent enough you can set the number of coins at 1 which takes your total bet to . Simply put, this video slot will let you win big if you dare to play big.

Does Royal Spins Let Me Pick Out the Coin Value?

Coins bear a value in cash, that you can also set here in Royal Spins. Here’s how:

Casing Out with Royal Spins’s Multiplier Feature

As a matter of fact, the multiplier feature makes it easier to win on video slots, but there is none in this title. Oddly enough, IGT omitted giving multipliers to Royal Spins, but this is compensated by the fact that 5-of-a-kind Cherry, which is a feature exclusive to this graphically simple online slot, can offer additional rewards.

Free Spins, Bonus Games and Special Awards

What to Expect from Royal Spins When it Comes to Bonuses?

Bonus Feature Explained

It’s strange that IGT didn’t include a bonus into this video slot. Its free spins could add to Royal Spins’s attractiveness in its stead.

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Is There a Double-or-Nothing Gamble Game in Royal Spins?

It’s not uncommon for IGT slots to feature the Gamble round, which prompts LeoVegas players to additionally risk their winnings. Yet, this 5-reeler is not among them – what you win on its 5 lines is yours to keep, period. That’s cool, ’cause LeoVegas punters often fret risk features: when Royal Spins pays, no one wants to lose their hard-earned winnings.

Royal Spins Free Spins and Rounds

There are differences between the sort of free spins you get from IGT within their games – namely Royal Spins free spins, and the free spins from casinos, such as LeoVegas. You’ll get 20 + 100 of free spins for signing up for an account with LeoVegas. Matching the wagering requirement through playing 20 no deposit free spins and 100 after deposit can help you get to the cashout stage. With Royal Spins you get 10 included as a feature by IGT in the video slot., giving you a great chance of winning. Don’t get mixed up between free play and free spins, too. Royal Spins has a free demo mode which doesn’t use – or win – you real money. Whereas, using the free spins in IGT’s slots can help you build your LeoVegas account balance.

There’s a certain amount of generous behaviour on offer from IGT in this game. The Crown Bonus facility of the game can help you get near to the Royal Spins big winnings, with 10 free spins on offer while you play.

It can be quite frustrating to get in a good mood with Royal Spins’s low number of free spins. 10 spins is not exactly your desired number. Indeed, LeoVegas offers plenty more slots games from IGT, so their offering for this particular video game isn’t great. However, you may benefit anyway from the LeoVegas free spins bonus that could lift your spirits. You can use 10 free spins. Don’t ignore the Royal Spins free spins, though. Offering

Graphic Layout

Royal Spins presents a stylish video game, with 6 colourful symbols. Its Classic theme makes it an interesting play. Setting up Royal Spins does not take long. Just use the dashboard to:

  • determine which lines will be active
  • click-choose the bet size
  • mute all sounds completely
  • get insight into the paytable
  • get an overview of the game rules

Background Music

This 5 paylines slot has classic Vegas slots sounds that we all know. Which is nice, because it makes Royal Spins a nice play. However, if you would like to just concentrate on its high prizes, just mute it with the mute button.

Royal Spins Real Money Play

Having rather simple graphics, like Royal Spins does, isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, flashy design of video slots draws your attention away from winning Royal Spins’s prizes, or even worse, from losing your LeoVegas deposit. Therefore, the straightforward design that IGT employed in this Fruit Machine title lets you simply spin those 5 reels until you win the 1000x line bet multiplier – Royal Spins’s top prize.

Thinking about trying to win money on the 5 reels slots? Fancy a go at the £250000 on offer as a prize? And the bonus features on offer? OK, here’s what LeoVegas requires you to do:

LeoVegas Real Cash Games – Royal Spins

If the possibility of the nice sized wins on offer at LeoVegas has intrigued you, here’s how to open an account:

  • Visit the LeoVegas site
  • Press the sign up button
  • Provide the info required by LeoVegas
  • Get a 200% up to £1600 on your first deposit plus 20 no deposit free spins and 100 after deposit
  • Deposit at least £10
  • Enjoy Royal Spins and other IGT titles

Withdrawing Money from LeoVegas

Your LeoVegas account will register any win you score in Royal Spins. And when you decide to withdraw use one of the LeoVegas-offered methods like Paypal and Skrill among others will enable to do it quickly and fuss-free. Just make sure the LeoVegas customer support provides the info about withdrawal limitations.

As a result of initiating the pretty tasty 200% welcome offer, you’re signing up to play through the 35 x wagering requirements. Then you can go about withdrawing funds from your LeoVegas account balance. Keep an eye out for the T&Cs in use by LeoVegas, of course. But don’t think of looking for them in the Royal Spins info, as they are unique to LeoVegas and weren’t developed by IGT.

Royal Spins Demo Version

You’ll be glad to know that Royal Spins free play version is available. (brand _name) has this option for its customers who like to play IGT titles at home or on the go.

If this Classic title took your fancy, but you are still unsure of your skills, LeoVegas lets you play Royal Spins free, without an account. So before going for the £250000, or one of the specials, you can take it for a spin practice before playing for money.

Royal Spins free play mode can certainly be fun. However, winning Royal Spins’s real cash is better! You can only do this in real play mode, which LeoVegas lets you do simply, opening up lots of other IGT games to play with. Just put in a minimum £10 deposit, with a minimum bet of £0.05 a line. This could see your money last a nice long time. LeoVegas can help extend your time playing the game with their 200% welcome bonus for a new customer making a deposit.

LeoVegas No Deposit Bonus Promotion Details

The fact is that there isn’t a LeoVegas no deposit bonus right now. On the other hand, the 200% welcome bonus on offer can keep you playing Royal Spins, as the low minimum deposit amount of £10 is something that should keep you at this IGT game for a little while.

Can I Play Royal Spins Online Via the LeoVegas App?

There is a LeoVegas app which is free of charge and optimised for iOS, Android, Windows devices. It lets you play Royal Spins and other well-known IGT titles on the go, while providing the same quality experience as on desktop. And the 5-reel slot’s progressive jackpot can be yours, as well, all thanks to this Royal Spins app.

If you were wondering whether LeoVegas app is optimized for iOS – they did. So Classic fans can play this slot on their iPhones and iPads, if they download the app from iTunes or LeoVegas’s website.

One of the perks of having an Android device is that Royal Spins can be played via the LeoVegas app. There are colossal prizes to be won, and you can do it anywhere!

Albeit most casinos overlook Windows Mobile users, LeoVegas isn’t one of them. You’ll be able to download an app for Royal Spins and enjoy the fun.

Royal Spins is available for play from the LeoVegas free download app, so pay attention when you’re downloading it – it has to be the official one.

Play Royal Spins Mobile and Get a Bonus

Doing things while on the go is a 21st century thing, but LeoVegas decided not to motivate punters who want to spin this 5-reeler on their mobiles with a mobile bonus. But who knows, maybe this video slot will be allocated a Royal Spins mobile bonus sometime in the future.

The Top Win

What’s the top win in Royal Spins? Find all the info in this LeoVegas game’s paytable, available through the paytable toggle. It will show you this 5-reel slot’s top winning symbol is Red 7, which could bring you a 1000x line bet multiplier, when all 5 of them appear on one of the 5 lines. In terms of cash, Royal Spins’s top win is £250000.

Royal Spins Strategy

The best way to win in this title with Fruit Machine theme is to pay close attention and keep yourself as informed as possible about the IGT games rules, strategies, tips and tricks. With that in mind, you can still benefit from some helpful hints on how to play the best you can at the game.

Also, sometimes the higher the denomination you bet in this video title, the better your winning odds. However, wager lower and you may save money while playing IGT slots. That said – you gotta find a system that works for you. Define your playing style, and play along – at the end of the day you’ll end up having more fun that way.

The volatility in Royal Spins is not difficult to describe. Payouts are grand, but require patience. Another important aspect is RTP, which may reach 96.03% in this IGT slot. For sure, LeoVegas finds this game profitable as well. However, this 5-reeler also brings nice amounts to players’ accounts.

This particular IGT slots game, of course, with its 5 paylines, is set for an average Return to Player payout of96.03% – meaning your average return will be £96.03 for every £100 spent with it. So even though you’re having fun, you should also have a chance of a win that could be quite big, though doesn’t occur very often.Most of all, then, enjoy this IGT game and the others available at LeoVegas online casino.

About IGT:

  • Established: 1974
  • Founder: William Redd
  • Headquarters: Marble Arch House, 66 Seymour Street, Second Floor, London W1H 5BT
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Casino Game Development, Gaming across all channels and regulated segments, Online, social, & mobile gaming content, Lottery, Sports Betting
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