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Finding promo codes to play Pixie Wings for real money can be a bit challenging. VideoSlots made it much easier with its 100% promo that gives away up to £400 without a Bonus Code. To activate it, VideoSlots asks you only to open an account with VideoSlots, log in, make the minimum deposit of £10 with your Skrill account and enjoy your time with Pixie Wings all you like. Spin ’till you win with VideoSlots’s special offer of 11 + 150 VideoSlots free spins, awarded in addition to its £400 100% new player bonus you’ll get from VideoSlots for becoming their customer.

How To Use the VideoSlots Bonus Code

You will not need to waste another minute on the VideoSlots Bonus Code. The VideoSlots bonus comes without the need for any bonus, promo, or voucher codes. You can play Pixie Wings for real money immediately, using a sign-up bonus with the maximum £400 to match your deposit, a free £10 bonus, numerous special VideoSlots promos and comps that make your play more enjoyable. Pragmatic Play games are so close with these offers!

VideoSlots 100% New Player Bonus

New players are always welcome, and if VideoSlots is your online gambling choice then a £10 free chip will be yours as soon as VideoSlots receives your sign-up request. In return, you get this nice VideoSlots no deposit bonus. When you make one, VideoSlots will give you an additional 100% VideoSlots welcome bonus on top of your first deposit, too.

Even if you’re not down on cash, VideoSlots bonus may come in handy. Pixie Wings players can enjoy an additional promotion. Take the 100% VideoSlots bonus once you place the minimum £10 to your account through Skrill and your investment will be doubled if it doesn’t exceed £400.

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What Is This Pragmatic Play Release About?

Targeting the fans of Magic-themed slots, Pragmatic Play built in great features into Pixie Wings, including 50 paylines which feature 11 vivid symbols that pay up to 150x line bet. The payouts are generally quite big, if not so numerous, especially in this video slot’s special features, which adds to the overall good impression.

Pixie Wings Online Review

Pragmatic Play must have had Magic-themed slots fans in mind when they made Pixie Wings. But, so many other Pragmatic Play slots players love it, too. Here’s what to expect if you choose Pixie Wings as your lucky slot.

You’ll notice that Pixie Wings involves a round of free spins, and 11 symbols. Some of these are Pixie Wings’s wild and scatter.

Access this quality Pragmatic Play title immediately in one of the supporting casinos, including VideoSlots. Opening an account there is as easy as 1-2-3, and after registering, you can even play on your mobile using your mobile device browser to access VideoSlots’s mobile website. To make things even better, there are the aforementioned VideoSlots promos which could bring you up to £400 in welcome bonus money. Use the cash to spin and win on Pixie Wings and other titles with the Magic theme.


Taking a single look at Pixie Wings reveals that this video slot, introduced in 2017, has a lot to offer. Made by Pragmatic Play, Pixie Wings is a smooth running slot thanks to Pragmatic Play’s regular updates.

The Rules

Follow these rules when playing Pixie Wings:

  • Pixie Wings pays left to right
  • Players need at least 2 of a kind symbols on one of the 50 paylines to win in Pixie Wings This doesn’t work for the Tree, because it pays at any position on the 5 reels
  • Wild symbol replaces other symbols, except the scatter tile
  • Only the biggest win per line is eligible for payout
  • Free spins round triggered in Pixie Wings brings 12 free spins
  • The lowest wager is £0.5
  • Any ongoing plays or winnings will be voided in case of malfunction

How to Play Pixie Wings Online

In order to be successful when you play Pragmatic Play slots online, specifically 50 paylines games, there are a couple of pointers we’d like to give you. 2 matching symbols is the minimum, and 5 is the maximum for getting a prize. Their order must be left to right. There are 11 symbols in total. And we are going to talk about all of this, and more, in this text.

So, where to access this fine Pragmatic Play release? Good options are numerous. For example, VideoSlots’s cool new player offering includes a 100% bonus that amounts to the maximum of £400.

With this 50-payline slot’s real money play you can sweep up as much as £250000. Just visit the VideoSlots online casino, which allows the mobile play option.

Want to find a free play version of Pixie Wings? It’s available in numerous venues, including VideoSlots, where you can also try mobile Pixie Wings. There’s also no need for download with VideoSlots.

The moment you decide to spin the 5 reels, hit the Spin button. But before you do that, go to a designated toggle to determine the bet size. When the reels start spinning, hope for 2 matching tiles on one of the 50 paylines, ’cause this is how much you need for a win.

To strike lucky, look for 5 identical symbols. By betting on all 50 paylines you create more winning opportunities. Pixie Wings has conveniently predefined the maximal 50 paylines as a norm. You can also try the Turbo button.

Follow The Instructions:

  • Normally, you’d need to pick your paylines first.

How about having a 50 paylines slot with 5 reels that can pay you as much as £250000? If that tickles your fancy, then here’s Pixie Wings. And there can’t be less than 50 paylines because Pragmatic Play made them fixed. Which is in your best interest – having less lines means having less chance of winning.

The payouts come left to right providing numerous winning opportunities as Pixie Wings pays pretty decently. It is commonly believed that games having 50 paylines reward less but this video slot pays some worthy prizes.

  • The next step is determining how much you’ll wager.

This is often referred to as coin size. Pixie Wings lets you pick yours thanks to a designated button, and the range covered starts from £0.01 and goes up to £0.5.

If the paylines are fixed to max 50 by default, what VideoSlots players need to do is set the coin value to get the Pixie Wings jackpot prize of 150x your stake on every line.

  • After credit sum, your next step is to choose a line bet.

Pixie Wings doesn’t give you much of a choice, as it sets coins per line as a fixed amount.

Pragmatic Play didn’t include any payline alternatives in Pixie Wings – you have to play on all 50 lines. Maybe some newer versions of this video slot will support more options.

It’s easy to tweak your bet in Pixie Wings – simply set your preferred amount using a designated button.

In this Fairy Tale game you get to choose how much your line bet will be. You can bet as little as £0.01, or as much as £5. With the relatively high limit, Pixie Wings can also bring high rewards.

  • Spin the reels with the help of Pixie Wings’s Spin option.

Then, this Fairy Tale-themed game will start according to your previous settings. But you don’t have to click the Spin button for each spin, that’s what the Auto Play mode is for. You’ll be getting up to 1000 automatically revolving spins, so you can relax and enjoy.

  • Now, before you start those 5 reels, you may want to look for Pixie Wings’s full screen and volume buttons.

Bad news – you can’t play Pixie Wings in the full screen mode.

Pixie Wings’s volume button is quite convenient, because its sounds can be muted easily. Pragmatic Play probably had night owls in mind when they made this feature.

When it comes to adapting this video slot’s sounds, you have two options – leave them or mute them. No middle ground.

Overview of the Symbols

This interesting Fairy Tale-themed slot involves the following images:

  • The King Pixie
  • The Queen Pixie
  • The Prince Pixie
  • The Princess Pixie
  • The Ace
  • The 10 pays the least among the 11 icons.

But also, take a look at:

  • The Pixie Wings Logo which is a wild
  • The Tree scatter
  • The Stacked Mystery Symbol – it carries the special feature
  • The Tree which will award free spins

If you’re playing Pixie Wings to win big, keep an eye on the King Pixie, the game’s most generous symbol, 5 of which pay out a massive prize – 150x payline bet. Expressed in coins, on the 500 maximum stake per each of the 50 paylines, this prize would amount to lucrative a £250000!

Here you go, the top paying symbol:

Somewhat lower wins can be hit with the Queen Pixie, which pays 90x bet per line when 5 of them hit Pixie Wings’s reels on the minimum bet level, and £450 when you decide to play on the max bet. The Prince Pixie is the third strongest symbol in this Pragmatic Play slot, for 5 of them multiply your line bet by 60 when you place 50 coins per line, and £300 when you wager 500 per each active payline.

Plenty of chances to win money in Pixie Wings – you have the Princess Pixie tile that rewards punters with a 50x multiplier, and there’s the Ace tile with its 40x line bet multiplier. Pragmatic Play included a special symbol – the Stacked Mystery Symbol that carries a x multiplier. And if all fails, you can still hope for the 10, which is the lowest paying symbol which will multiply you bet by 24x.

Pixie Wings’s variety of features also includes the Pixie Wings Logo wild that can set off 1000x line bet, and replace any other 11 symbol. This certainly sounds promising!

If you think that the Pixie Wings Logo wild is a great idea, wait till you see the Tree scatter. It pays wherever it lands and carries a x total bet multiplier!

If you have ever wondered why this Pragmatic Play game attracts players, we’ll tell you. Pixie Wings contains all its famous symbols plus the Tree icon that unlocks a free spins round.

Paylines Info

Before you stands a video slot based on 5 reels and 50 paylines.

Paylines in Pixie Wings and other slots in general serve to decide the 5 reels’ payouts.

This is a simple yet interesting slot, for Pragmatic Play had a brainstorm and decided to make Pixie Wings a nonflexible game payline-wise. This means that the Fairy Tale-themed game only offers a fixed amount of 50 lines.

So, this is how your Pixie Wings wager can be adjusted.

Bear in mind that your coin value in this Pragmatic Play slot can be adjusted if you click the relevant button.

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Payline Rules

  • Winning on Pixie Wings’s paylines is left to right.
  • Get at least 2 matching symbols along a payline for Pixie Wings to pay a prize.
  • All regular symbols can be substituted by the Pixie Wings Logo symbol.
  • No paylines are needed for the scatter symbol to pay.
  • Top win per line paid alone. In case of two or more Pixie Wings wins on an active line, the biggest one is paid.
  • Since Pixie Wings requires you to wager on all of its 50 lines, you can count on more frequent wins.


One of the reasons why this Pragmatic Play slot’s perfect for everyday play are its 5 reels, which take a traditional movement direction – downward. Moving from top to bottom, Pixie Wings’s reels won’t necessarily drag your VideoSlots balance in that direction, too. On the contrary, this video slot may boost it significantly.

You should get to know Pixie Wings symbols inside-out, because they will obtain you those profitable winners. There are 11 of them, and the one to look out for is the wild as well as the scatter. One more Pixie Wings symbol that is out of the ordinary is the special – Stacked Mystery Symbol.

The Fixed Pixie Wings Jackpot

Who doesn’t love online slot jackpots? Pragmatic Play, apparently! There is no fixed Pixie Wings jackpot in their Pixie Wings game. However, extra types of offers, such as the 150x your line stake available, allow Pragmatic Play to give you something different instead. In order to win, you need to get the King Pixie 5 lined up. This can bring you as much as £250000 in cash for a £5 bet.

Wouldn’t it be Great if Pixie Wings had a Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpots are great, but Pixie Wings doesn’t have one. Still, there is a prospect of a supporting casino adding this Pragmatic Play title to its progressive jackpot pool. But fear not, you have the 150x line multiplier that is going to make this 50-line game a great source of cash.

Video Slots vs. Classic Slots

It’s definitely a video slot. Pixie Wings’s graphics are very indicative of it, as Pragmatic Play made them vivid and bright.

Will I Enjoy Any 3D Effects?

Alas, this is not a 3D slot. Which isn’t all that important, not really. Playing Pixie Wings will still give you the familiar thrill of winning because all the important features that make a video slot worth playing are there. Besides, we all know not to judge a book by its cover.

Pixie Wings Download Explained

In comparison with some other online casinos that offer the Pixie Wings game, there is a level of ease at VideoSlots. No Pixie Wings download necessary. Casinos offering the Pixie Wings game are usually compatible with Mac and PC computers, with VideoSlots also offering a demo version as well as a cash version of the game. So you can trial Pixie Wings for free, then move up to playing for cash.

Buttons and Controls

This 50 paylines slot offers the following setup options:

The Spin Toggle

Simply put: you can’t start the game without a start button. Therefore, you will find it on every video slot. Here in Pixie Wings, it’s named Spin. Click on it and it’s game on! This little button will give you a chance to win £250000! Pixie Wings also has some other handy buttons:

  • the bet size toggle
  • Turbo button that sets the reels in turbo mode
  • the button for Pixie Wings’s info section
  • volume controls

Turbo Mode

Turbo mode is there to make the 5 go faster so you could get the money faster. And don’t worry, it works during the bonus rounds as well.

Clicking on the Turbo button will set the 5 reels in such a fast-paced motion that the £250000 prize could come in a blink of an eye. If you click Turbo again it will stop the Turbo mode.

Info Tab

When there is no Info tab, it’s very hard to figure out Pixie Wings’s rules. Looking at the table of wins can help a little in finding out some of this 50-payline slot’s rules, or alternatively you could try VideoSlots’s customer support service with any queries you may have.

What is Autospin?

Autoplay, a setting featured in online slots to enable playing without stopping, makes it unnecessary to press Spin for every time you wish to make a spin. Numerous VideoSlots slots have it, and it’s really convenient, ’cause it can be set to stop at some point. And even if Pixie Wings is played just for fun, Autoplay is a useful feature,as the player can play non-stop.

If you like playing hard and fast, then Autoplay is what you need, as this Pragmatic Play game is offering this option for those who are like you!

What is the Minimum Bet Amount?

So, you like the look of those staggering prizes and all the benefits you’ll receive as a new member, but before you register at VideoSlots make sure that you know what is the minimum bet. This way you’ll know exactly how much the winning will be.

Picking the lowest bet in this video is easy – just reduce coin value to £0.01, and when you play on all 50 lines, your total bet will amount to £0.5. Therefore, you’ll spend way less than £250 a spin, which is the top Pixie Wings bet, available when you select the £0.5 the max coin size.

obtain the 150x line bet multiplier.

The Maximum Bet

Any true punter will tell you that the Max Bet option is the best option. Yet, Pixie Wings won’t let you do that without breaking a little sweat because this 5-reeler doesn’t have one button for it. Instead, you’ll have to click each of the bet size settings to get there. You can have a total 500 coins if you set coins for a line. And if you put £0.5 on a coin, this will bring you to a total of £250 cash bet. Now, there are 50 lines in this slot, you can win £250000. So just set everything to the max, and Bob’s your uncle!

Pixie Wings Return-To-Player Info

One of the things worth knowing about any 50 paylines game is the Return to Player percentage, or Pixie Wings RTP. This will give you an idea what to expect of this 5-reeler in terms of the payout rate over a particular period. In other words, it tells you if the game is worth playing. Here you have a video slot with an RTP of 96%, so you will have a return of £96 for every £100. But bear in mind this doesn’t mean you will win 96% of the time.

This 50 paylines slot has a very high Pixie Wings RTP of 96.51%.

Extra Symbols

The first thing that you notice among Pixie Wings’s special features are its prominent the Pixie Wings Logo and the Tree symbols, which we’ll explain later. If you seek something unique about Pixie Wings, it’s the Stacked Mystery Symbol symbol, whose generosity is embodied in the x line bet prize.

Extra Symbol: Scatter

Pragmatic Play did a great job while producing this 50 paylines because it has the Tree scatter. This means that getting it is going to multiply the bet times. If you ever thought that it would be great to have Fairy Tale themed slot with a scatter that can bring you free spins, then the slot gods must have been listening to you because this one also triggers free spins.

Here’s how you will recognize it:

Pixie Wings Logo Wild Symbol Specs

Replacing all the usual symbols in Pixie Wings is its Pixie Wings Logo wild, symbol which can greatly increase your VideoSlots balance. The method is the following: if you get 4 Queen Pixie symbols and a Pixie Wings Logo on an active line, the payout is bound to be 90x line bet multiplier.

What you see above is the Wild symbol.

What is an Expanding Wild?

It’s not unusual for 5-reel slots to have expanding wilds, but Pixie Wings unfortunately features none. However, Pragmatic Play made it with other interesting features you’ll love.

Does Pixie Wings Have a Stacked Wild?

It is a slight let down that this 5-reeler lacks stacked wild symbols, although rewards such as 150 times line wager should put a smile on your face.

Is There an Overlay Wild in Pixie Wings?

What Information Can I Get from the Paytable?

Wondering how it works in practice? Well, Pixie Wings will pay you £0.24 whenever you line up 5 of 10 symbols on one of its 50 lines. The same goes for other symbols – 5 Prince Pixie tiles will bring you £0.6. And there’s always the top prize – £1.5 that you’ll get for hitting 5 of a kind King Pixie symbols on one of the lines.

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How To Determine the Credit Size

The size of your Pixie Wings win will be determined by the size of your credit. We’re going to tell you how to set it up.

  • Setting the bet level
  • Opting for the coin value
  • Defining your stake in cash per line

We didn’t expect this, but all of Pixie Wings’s 50 lines are active at all times, i.e. this modern slot doesn’t offer optional betting on 49 paylines, or any other variety.

Choosing the bet level means that you are in charge of how much you will actually bet on the slot’s 50 paylines. Should you choose to play it safe, you can have your line bet at . Or, if you don’t feel like playing safe simply set the number of coins at . In the first case, you’ll have a total wager of 50. This isn’t all that bad but if you compare it to the maximum option that takes the bet to 500, you can easily deduce that the more you bet, the more you will eventually win.

Pixie Wings Coins Explained

Coin value in cash is one of the most important VideoSlots settings.

VideoSlots enables you to bet using coins. What Pragmatic Play enabled you to do is to choose how much will each coin be in £. This sophisticated design includes an icon – yes – that you can use to set this up. So you have the option to put down £0.01 on each coin or to go for the maximum of £0.5. Considering that this is a 50 lines slot your total bet can go from £0.5 to £250, depending on the coin value.

Can I Expect a Slot Multiplier?

Although a number of Pragmatic Play titles have a multiplier feature, which is different from this 5-reeler’s 150x line bet multiplier, There is no multiplier feature in this 5-reel slot. It is most regrettable, as in this rarely-paying game it would be truly beneficial.

Special Features in Pixie Wings

Did Pragmatic Play include any of these?

Is There a Bonus Round?

It is truly a shame that this VideoSlots slot lacks a bonus feature. Maybe the 12 free spins that you could win in Pixie Wings might help you come to terms with this fact.

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Double Up Game

If you hoped for a risk game in this Fairy Tale-themed slot, you’re in for a bad news. Pragmatic Play opted not to include the gamble feature, meaning you won’t be able to double any of those hefty winner. On the other hand, it means you won’t be able to squander them.

Pixie Wings Free Spins 101

You might well find yourself getting confused between the Pixie Wings free spins feature and the VideoSlots free spins bonus. Certain casinos you might play at, including VideoSlots might give you free spins as their normal bonus. So 11 + 150 will be on offer for you once you sign up for VideoSlots. And maybe you’ll actually win enough using the Pragmatic Play slots games to achieve a good payout from them. Casinos also often include a free play option for their games. When playing Pixie Wings in free play mode, you won’t benefit from any cash winnings. However, playing Pragmatic Play slots games for real can see you winning real money.

In this 5 reel game, you’ll appreciate the Free Spins facility. This allows you to get 12 free spins without having to dip into your VideoSlots balance.

Talking about the possibly winnings for Pixie Wings that you can aim for with your nice amount of 12 free spins, as provided by Pragmatic Play – Which is definitely a nice bit of cash to add to your VideoSlots balance.


Pragmatic Play designed this game as a video slot. It has 11 regular symbols. Use the dashboard controls to:

  • see the paytable information
  • set credit size
  • choose the cash value for your coins
  • choose your stake in coins
  • start autospin
  • mute the sounds
  • spin the 5 reels in Turbo mode

Feature Sounds

Simply put, everything about this Pragmatic Play title is coloured in the Fairy Tale theme, including its sounds. Thus, Pixie Wings provides an authentic atmosphere that many VideoSlots punters simply can’t resist. Add the maximum 150x line bet multiplier into the mix, and you’ll get why Pixie Wings attracts numerous punters. However, if the Fairy Tale sounds aren’t to your liking, this 5-reeler offers a mute button.

How to Play VideoSlots Slots for Real Money:

It’s so much fun to play Pixie Wings with its bright imagery, fantastic features and great prizes of up to 500000 coins. However, if played in fun mode, this Pragmatic Play title won’t pay any real money. VideoSlots’s real money mode is your thing if winning Pixie Wings’s prizes is a priority to you.

If I Want to Play for Cash, What Should I Do?

There’s no use pretending the 96.51% RTP this slot has didn’t tickle your fancy and that the 150x of your line stake wouldn’t come in handy right about now. In order for those numbers to start working for you, VideoSlots account is your first step. If you don’t have one, this is how you register:

Withdrawing Your Earnings

Once you snatch some winners from Pixie Wings, that cash will go directly to your VideoSlots account. The withdrawal can be done via Skrill. Make sure you know your withdrawal limit.

In order to benefit from the very nice 100% welcome bonus, you’re agreeing to go through with the 20 x play through requirements, before qualifying for being able to withdraw from your VideoSlots balance. Something else worth knowing, is the Terms & Conditions of the VideoSlots site. These don’t appear in the Pixie Wings rules, as they are unique to VideoSlots, not the game.

Can I Play Pixie Wings for Free Before I Start Betting?

VideoSlots enabled Pixie Wings free play for those who perhaps wish to try out this 50 paylines slot before they go for the real play. And it is available on mobile as well.

Go to VideoSlots website and start Pixie Wings online free play, You can play Pragmatic Play slots and other intricately designed games in VideoSlots demo version right then and there, no need to register. Needless to say, if you want the £250000 prize or any of the special features in your pocket, you’ll need to play for realsies.

Pixie Wings free play mode can certainly be fun. However, winning Pixie Wings’s real cash is better! You can only do this in real play mode, which VideoSlots lets you do simply, opening up lots of other Pragmatic Play games to play with. Just put in a minimum £10 deposit, with a minimum bet of £0.01 a line. This could see your money last a nice long time. VideoSlots can help extend your time playing the game with their 100% welcome bonus for a new customer making a deposit.

Can I Get a VideoSlots No Deposit Bonus for Pixie Wings?

More details Pixie Wings free play: the VideoSlotsno deposit bonus offer is perfect for testing this Pragmatic Play game on their site: You’ll receive £10 to play Pixie Wings for free, which could last a while. VideoSlots also lets you cash out real cash winnings, up to a potential £250000,and before you can cash out, you’ll need to meet the requirements for playing through of 20 x the bonus amount. On top of this,£10 will be taken from any winnings through Pixie Wings. Not unfair, when you consider it was free money from VideoSlots in the first place!

Does VideoSlots Offer a Pixie Wings App?

Alas, no Pixie Wings app for this Fairy Tale title. But if you have your heart set on the hefty wins it give, you can just go to the VideoSlots website from your mobile device’s browser and spin this 5-reeler there, even with no VideoSlots app.

There’s only one way to play Pixie Wings on your iOS device and sweep up one of the bonuses – if you go to the VideoSlots website on Safari, or Chrome or any other browser, and play there.

Playing Pragmatic Play slots is not an issue if you have an Android phone or tablet – just download a VideoSlots app from Google Play or directly from VideoSlots website and start spinning this flashy slot’s reels.

Pragmatic Play titles such as this one are a great source of fun, and VideoSlots enabled Windows operated phones to run their app so you xould play this video slot on your Microsoft Lumia phone.

Beware: there are sites that offer VideoSlots and Pixie Wings apps in exchange for money. Don’t let them trick you, because the real app download requires no payment whatsoever.

Pixie Wings Mobile App Bonus

One way to appreciate a customer in mobile gambling is through bonuses. However, VideoSlots doesn’t offer any, leaving all those Magic-themed slots admirers with nothing but their own money. More is expected from a Pragmatic Play-powered casino, so if any improvement is needed in VideoSlots, it’s in this respect – give us a Pixie Wings mobile bonus, please.

The Top Win

It’s not easy to achieve, but Pixie Wings’s top reward of 150x line bet is waiting for the right VideoSlots player to win it. It’s brought by 5 King Pixie symbols on one of the 50 lines, and you can find out all about it by pressing the paytable icon

Pixie Wings Strategies

It’s always good to have a plan, even when playing Pragmatic Play games. A plan may not help you win much more, though, but rather avoid losing more than you planned. Don’t be fooled by numerous strategies for slots that promise better winnings – all wins in Pixie Wings and every other slot are randomly determined, so you can’t influence that.

Of course, you might decide you want to upgrade and start playing with real cash. Which is where we suggest you proceed with caution. Set yourself an amount you’re happy to spend on your online casino entertainment. Maybe you should base this on how much you’d spend on a night out? Or a trip to the cinema? Whatever you decide, we suggest you set a limit, both in terms of time and money, and stick to it.

When you take into consideration that Pragmatic Play set this compelling title to involve quite big but rare payouts, you’ll realize that getting your hands on that £250000 top prize is no easy deal.

Consider this – Pragmatic Play and other slots game makers have built in something called the Return To Player – RTP – percentage value into each of the games they offer. What this means is that you have a certain % cash return that is likely to come back to you, for every £100 you spend on the game. As an example, a slot with an RTP of 93%, should see you getting back £93 for every £100 you put into it. This might seem OK in one respect, but in another, it basically means you are far more likely to end up with less cash in your pocket than you started with, when playing this game.

Who Is Pragmatic Play?

  • Established: 2007
  • Founder: Anna Yakovlieva
  • Headquarters: Villia Seminia, 8 Sir Temi Zammit Avenue Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1011
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Slot Gaming, Desktop and Mobile, Online Table Games and Video Poker
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