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To get a VideoSlots bonus, and be able to play Legacy of the Wild for real money, you need the voucher code, right? Wrong! VideoSlots’s welcoming 100% bonus is yours when you register VideoSlots account and deposit through Skrill, for instance. What you get is up to great £400 that you can use to play Playtech Legacy of the Wild for much longer, without any Bonus Codes. Getting free money from VideoSlots’s easy – all new players earn the 100% bonus up to £400, as well as 11 + 150 VideoSlots free spins.

How To Use the VideoSlots Bonus Code

Once you sign up for VideoSlots’s services, you’ll find how simple things are – all promos come without a single VideoSlots Bonus Code. This includes the 100% sign up bonus as well as their generous offer of £10 free that you can use without depositiing. A new VideoSlots account is all it takes.

How to Unlock the 100% VideoSlots Bonus

When you decide to join a new casino, you’re always eager to see its sign-up bonuses. With VideoSlots, there’s much to look forward to. Free £10 is its best promotion. This cool VideoSlots no deposit bonus s awarded when you sign up for a new account, without having to deposit a single £. And on top of this, you’ll get 100% VideoSlots welcome bonus to match your first deposit.

What promo could offer more than the £10 in free money? The 100% VideoSlots bonus in addition to its other offers brings up to £400 more to your account after you make a deposit via your Skrill account in the minimum amount of £10. Hence, you can double your deposit with maximum £400 using this great 100% match promo and prolong your playtime.

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A Basic Intro to Legacy of the Wild

This Playtech title represents one of their video slots that can earn you as much as £90000, plus other hefty bonuses. The Magic related design is made quite phenomenal and it’s easy to see why this 5-reeler could be interesting for some punters. Legacy of the Wild has the maximum line bet multiplier of 750x that can be won on one of the 40 paylines by scoring 5 Wizard symbols. All of this could be a reason enoguh to try Legacy of the Wild and see if it suits you.

Legacy of the Wild Online: A Quick Summary

Fans of slots with Magic topic, prepare! Legacy of the Wild features such a theme that will keep all Fantasy-themed slots buffs and those who appreciate Playtech slots in general, tied to their seats. Before you is the Legacy of the Wild online slot, perfectly tailored for you and other video slot enthusiasts.

Some of the specials in Legacy of the Wild include additional free spins and some nice features. You’ll find 11 symbols and some extra ones too.

Signing up to an online casino to play a game like Legacy of the Wild is quick and easy – joining VideoSlots can give you countless rewards. A very nice joining bonus awaits you.


When Legacy of the Wild was originally released in 2017, it became one of the players’ favourite Playtech games in no time. This Magic slot operates smoothly owing to constant updates.

List of Rules

Follow these rules when playing Legacy of the Wild:

  • The payouts direction goes left to right
  • Legacy of the Wild has the minimum of 2 same symbols for a win on a payline
  • If you get more than one winner, this 5-reeler will pay you the highest one
  • The lowest wager can be £0.4 coins
  • The Wild replaces regular symbols
  • You may get lucky and receive 50 free spins
  • The game can’t be played for the max wins and during the autoplay
  • If an error occurs in Legacy of the Wild, all the winnings and plays will be deemed invalid

Let’s Play Legacy of the Wild

This article is meant for Legacy of the Wild’s players who need more info about the game, but also about how to play Playtech slots online. We’ll cover the 2 symbol match requirement, the left to right paying direction setup, the 5 reels and the 40 paylines among other things.

First and foremost, you must pick your Legacy of the Wild playing venue. A 100% welcome offer of up to £400 will boost your deposit if you choose VideoSlots.

VideoSlots lets you have fun with Legacy of the Wild in real money mode, winning up to £90000 that you can then cashout. Try this video slot on VideoSlots’s flash website and their mobile version.

If you’re a bit unsure, play this Magic slot in the free mode first, which is available for mobile play, too. VideoSlots offers a no-download version of its games.

When you get to playing Legacy of the Wild, you need to choose your bet. Playtech conveniently included bet size options to set the bet amount. The Spin button is your next stop – Legacy of the Wild’s reels will start when you press it. 2 matching symbols are needed to win, but 5 of them are required for a big win.

Getting 5 identical symbols is virtually impossible without all 40 paylines being active. Conveniently enough, Legacy of the Wild’s no. of active paylines is compulsory – all 40 must be played on. Apart from this, Playtech also included a Turbo button in this 5-reel game.

Here’s a Step by Step Guide:

  • Usually, you need to select your paylines first.

Paylines in this 5-reel video slot title are not selectable. Play on 40 paylines or don’t play at all. However, its 5 reels offer you better payouts this way, including £90000 which will be easier to land.

The direction to look out for is left to right, because that’s how this slot’s 40 paylines will pay you. Also, you should know that Legacy of the Wild has more than 20 paylines.

  • After paylines, decide how high your Legacy of the Wild credit size will be.

Things get even simpler when you play Legacy of the Wild for real money at VideoSlots. Namely, there’s no need to choose coin amount – Playtech set it to mandatory £ per coin, so you don’t have to address this matter any further.

Note that with the Playtech’s settings, the coin size is fixed at £, so no time will be wasted there. Legacy of the Wild’s offer is ready to be tried. This 5-reeler is known for its superb 750x line bet.

  • Upon picking your preferred credit amount, move to the line bet selection.

In terms of coins per line, Legacy of the Wild keeps it very simple with obligatory 1-coin line bet.

Also, note that Legacy of the Wild doesn’t allow players to define bet lines. Playtech has made all 40 paylines mandatory for playing. Positively, its 750x line bet may be hit much easier.

To let you set your bet just the way you want it, Playtech included a bet amount button.

In this Magic game you get to choose how much your line bet will be. You can bet as little as £0.01, or as much as £3. With the relatively high limit, Legacy of the Wild can also bring high rewards.

  • One click on Spin will start the slot.

Once you press this button, you’ll see the 5 reels start on the bet size you previously picked. Playtech also included an auto play button with which Legacy of the Wild will make up to 99 spins in one round.

However, these 5 reels won’t continue to spin when you hit a bonus game, for example the free spins bonus, as it will stop them.

  • Let’s now move to this Playtech online slot’s full screen and volume options.

You could say it’s a bit embarrasing that Playtech didn’t include the full screen mode. Well, they may add it in the next version.

If you don’t want to have Legacy of the Wild’s sounds on, simply mute them.

If you find Legacy of the Wild’s loud music and sounds disturbing, you have the volume toggle to turn it down a notch.

Symbols and Multipliers

This 40-line slot has the following tiles:

  • The Wizard which carries the 750x line multiplier
  • The Warlock and Orc
  • The Sorceress and Wizard’s Apprentice
  • The Orange Charm
  • The Green and Blue Charm
  • While the Red and Purple Charm carries the 50x multiplier.

Here are also some of this 40 paylines slot’s extra symbols:

  • A substituting Book of Wilds symbol
  • the Book of Wilds wild which expands

The highest win can be hit on the top paying symbol – the Wizard. Namely, once you hit 5 of those symbols on an active payline, 750x your line stake will be paid out. Place on the maximum of 40 paylines, and such a winner will bring you coins – a hefty prize, indeed.

Make note of this symbol because it will pay the most:

Other top wins include those brought by the Warlock and Orc and the Sorceress and Wizard’s Apprentice. The second best paying symbol, the Warlock and Orc, may boost your casino bankroll with £900 times your line bet when you wager all per line and get 5 of these rewarding symbols. The Sorceress and Wizard’s Apprentice pays are calculated in a similar way – on the -coin stake your max prize with 5 of the Sorceress and Wizard’s Apprentice symbols will be 150x your line stake. This will increase to £450 on the maximum stake per line.

This game boasts more symbols, including the Orange Charm as well as the Green and Blue Charm, paying line stake multiplier of 125x and 75x, respectively when 5 of them freeze on an active line.The smallest prizes are those coming from the Red and Purple Charm symbol. While 50x line bet is its highest payout for 5 of these symbols, it is still worth noting. as it pays out quite often.

Legacy of the Wild’s wild is a feature which awards up to 750x bet, and substitutes for any of the Playtech slot’s 11 symbols. You can also get some other sybstitute types in this video online slot.

How Paylines Work

The main thing you have to know about Legacy of the Wild is that it’s a video 40-payliner with 5 reels.

Winnings in Legacy of the Wild are determined by its generous 40 lines.

The slot fans who don’t like fiddling with paylines can relax, as this video slot requires none of that. The total is 40 paylines. You may wonder why this is so? Well, the playlines are never ever off, so there is nothing for you to do but play away and enjoy the Legacy of the Wild slot by winning.

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Payline Rules

  • left to right is the direction in which Playtech designed the online slot’s paylines to work.
  • Line 2 matching symbols for the minimum win.
  • Get Legacy of the Wild’s wild for more winners, as it substitutes for other 11 symbols.
  • Major wins are available with Book of Wilds, which expands across reels to bring multiple payline wins.
  • Playtech’s rule is that only top wins are paid. Legacy of the Wild cannot cashout two wins on the same line.
  • If you want all wins on Legacy of the Wild to be yours, you got it! Playtech fixed the slot’s bet lines on all 40, which means all winners will end up in your account.

Reels Explained

As long as we’re on planet Earth with gravitational force of 9.807 m/s2, this Playtech title must abide by that force and its 5 simply must move in a downward direction.

This 40 paylines slot’s symbols are in charge of making you money. There are 11 of them and some of them could bring you colossal prizes. Additionally, some of them are there since Playtech wanted to boost your chances. That’s why you’ll find a wild symbol. You may also run into the Book of Wilds wild, designed to take over the reel.

Legacy of the Wild Jackpot Info

Without the fixed online slot jackpots, you might think that Legacy of the Wild isn’t going to be worthwhile, but that’s wrong. When you spin these 5 reels, make sure you keep your eye on the Wizard symbol, a kind of a replacement Legacy of the Wild jackpot. because this tile multiplies your line bet by 750. With your line bet value set to £3, the staggering cash you could be taking home is £90000, there is only a small number of video slots that you could expect to offer this big of a prize.

Progressive Jackpots in Playtech Slots

No use dwelling over the lack of a progressive jackpot. You have a £90000 prize to get to. Not to mention all those fantastic special bonuses.

Do Video Slots Have an Advantage Over Traditional Slots?

Legacy of the Wild is a video slot game. It features detailed visuals with special animated icons.

Is this a 3D Slot Game?

That’s a negative. This 40 paylines slot could be portrayed as a bit simpler, but as a consolation for not making it in 3D, Playtech included a line multiplier of 750x and all the other trimmings that you came for.

VideoSlots Download Q&A

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of Legacy of the Wild download, you can simply visit the website of VideoSlots where you can play online. Just like on all other flash online casinos. You can play Legacy of the Wild online for free with the demo version from VideoSlots. You also have the option of playing the Legacy of the Wild slots game for money at this site. It’s your choice to test the game or simply have fun viewing the 5 spinning reels.

Which Button Does What?

Playtech produced this slot with some basic commands:

Press Spin

To spin the reels in Legacy of the Wild and any other VideoSlots online slots, just press a dedicated button. While it’s often called Spin, Start or Play, in Legacy of the Wild it’s named Spin, and its role is to set those 5 reels in motion, so they can bring you coins or some other lucrative Legacy of the Wild prize. This slot features other useful buttons that Playtech decided to include:

  • A Turbo button – more information is provided in a later section
  • A button that gives more details on Legacy of the Wild
  • Mute the game so you can play without the sound
  • Increase or decrease the game’s sound

Turbo Mode

Are you in a rush to catch the 750x multiplier? You wish Legacy of the Wild’s reels could be accellerated, bringing you £90000 prompter? You need to look for the Turbo button.

Legacy of the Wild has one. It serves to speed up the 5 reels and bring you wins such as £90000 a bit faster. Simplicity is key so Playtech made it simple to use – a click is enough to activate/deactivate it.

Info Button

The Info icon is a useful tool for you to use, as it contains all the Legacy of the Wild information in one place. In combination with the paytable which has an assigned button, this 5-reeler’s info toggle will give you any information that you might need to have before you take your first spin.

The Autoplay Feature

In general, the function of the autoplay setting is to make the reels spin automatically for a preset number of times. As a result, the Spin need not be clicked each time we wish to spin the reels; video slots players need to reset autoplay when they are finished spinning or a feature is won. In this Playtech release, this setting feature is really useful, as all you need to do is set Autoplay and this will get its 5 reels spinning, making the Playtech game’s 11 symbols work for you. Legacy of the Wild’s autoplay setting is reset just by clicking on it.

Autospin, as we said, is a replacement for Spin, which lets you play Legacy of the Wild without constant clicking. It’s good that Playtech made it so you can customize it.

Don’t worry – the autoplay won’t make you miss out on the specials that this exceptionally designed slot has to offer. You can set it up to stop when you wish. So if Legacy of the Wild grants you free spins, you will be able to savour them.

What is the Minimum Bet Amount?

Once you’ve decided to join VideoSlots and use some of its great new player offers, you might want to see Legacy of the Wild’s the minimum bet requirements so as to plan your budget for this generally rewarding slot.

You’ll have to spend some time to lower your Legacy of the Wild stake to a minimum, because there is no one button for this. So look around to find how to allocate £0.01 to a line.

The highest bet that Playtech set in here for you to determine is £3. But, should you feel a bit prudent about you wagering, Playtech also included a minimum stake of £0.01 on one payline.

Indeed, players cannot decide on Legacy of the Wild slot’s number of lines. Still, even with the minimal bet of £0.4 you can be the candidate for major rewards.

Max Bet in Cash

If you want to go big on this superbly designed slot, you should put all your wagers and values to the max. Only, you will notice that you have to do it manually since there is no single-click the max Bet option. If your preference is the max bet, know that Playtech failed to include the max Bet toggle in Legacy of the Wild. Still, lucrative prizes are well worth the bother.

Legacy of the Wild RTP

What is a Legacy of the Wild RTP, anyway? Simply put, Return to Player (RTP) is Legacy of the Wild’s payout rate registered over some time. 5-reel slots usually have RTP that ranges from 93% to 96%, which implies that when you spend £100, your average return will be £96, not that you’ll win in 96% of spins.

Now, this 40-payline title is amazingly attractive for players, as it has an enormous Legacy of the Wild RTP of 96.06%, one of the highest rates in the spinning industry.

Extra Symbols

The wild symbol is probably the first Legacy of the Wild special feature you’ll see working in this 5-reel slot.

Scatter Symbol

Alas, Legacy of the Wild fitted with a scatter feature, but that doesn’t mean that it’s prizes are stingy, whatsoever.

Do I Have to Be on the Lookout for a Wild?

The Book of Wilds wild symbol basically works as a substitute for a standard symbol. If you need 5 same symbols, and end up one short, it will act as that one which you need. So if the symbol in question is the Sorceress and Wizard’s Apprentice, the wild will step in and you will win 150 times your line wager. Therefore, one could say this wild is worth hoping for.

Whenever you see this image, you have hit the Wild.

The Legacy of the Wild Book of Wilds Symbol

One of the things that makes Legacy of the Wild stand out from the crowd is its Book of Wilds symbol, which expands to occupy whole reels. Playtech allocated it a good payout, too – a 750x line bet multiplier!

What’s the Situation With Stacked Wilds in Legacy of the Wild?

There are no stacked symbols in this Playtech reel slot, so we can conclude that Playtech has missed his chance for greatness but you can still have fun by getting a 750x line bet win in each spin.

What the Deal With Legacy of the Wild’s Overlay Wild?

An overlay wild is wishful thinking in Legacy of the Wild, but who knows – maybe Playtech will introduce it in an update of this 5-reel slot.

Does This Playtech Slot Have a Paytable?

Want to know how it works? Legacy of the Wild pays you the amount of £0.5, once you line up the 5 reels that are Red and Purple Charm icons on one of the 40 lines for this game. Also, with the other icons, 5 Warlock and Orc tiles brought up will get you £3 in cold cash. Plus there’s the star prize of £7.5 that you can win for getting 5 of the same Wizard icons on a line.

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How To Determine the Credit Size

The size of your Legacy of the Wild win will be determined by the size of your credit. We’re going to tell you how to set it up.

  • Your stake will be as big as you want it to be
  • The cash sum bet on a line is up to you

We didn’t expect this, but all of Legacy of the Wild’s 40 lines are active at all times, i.e. this modern slot doesn’t offer optional betting on 39 paylines, or any other variety.

You have the option to decide what will be the level of your bet. This means that you determine the credit you will have. In this 40 lines slot the minimum coins per line you can put is 1 and the maximum number of coins is 1. So if we take that you decided on the 1, wagered on all the lines, you will have coins per spin.

Can I Determine the Value of My Coins in Legacy of the Wild?

When cashing out from VideoSlots, you’ll get a predetermined amount of £ for each coin. Knowing how to set it is important:

How About a Legacy of the Wild Multiplier?

There is a series of video games which have a multiplier for bigger wins. This Playtech title’s 50x to 750x line stake multipliers are not a part of it, as special feature multipliers are a different thing, and Legacy of the Wild doesn’t have them. In any case, Playtech included a setting alike it: the Collapsing Reels feature, and it makes up for this deficiency.

Legacy of the Wild Extra Spins, Games and Bonus Features

What features are there in Legacy of the Wild?

Bonus Features

How smashing would it be to have a bonus game in this Magic – themed slot? Alas, you won’t get that feature in Legacy of the Wild. But you shouldn’t be discouraged because Playtech prepared some free spins for you. 50 of them, to be exact.

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The Gamble Round

Some hard-core Legacy of the Wild punters may be disapointed by this video slot because it lacks the gamble feature. This risk game would give you a chance to double your Legacy of the Wild winnings, but it could also render you empty-handed. So maybe it’s better that this 40 paylines doesn’t have it.

Legacy of the Wild Free Spins Info

Free spins from the online casinos differ from those offered by Playtech within their games, such as Legacy of the Wild free spins. VideoSlots gives you 11 no deposit free spins and 150 after deposit as a thank you welcome bonus. This entitles you to a free 11 + 150 spins to help you match their play through wager required amount. With Legacy of the Wild, Playtech offers you 50 free spins in this video slots game., giving you better odds of winning big. Further to this, you should know that VideoSlots free play is different again. If playing Legacy of the Wild in free play mode, you won’t win money. While free spins while playing Legacy of the Wild for real can provide a good win.

Yep, that’s right. Free Games is what the free spins facility is called in the Legacy of the Wild slots game. You are awarded 50 when you play, without having to pay for them.

There’s quite a sum to win on Legacy of the Wild’s free spins, as with Playtech’s decision to include a notable amount of 50 of them, you’re bound to make money. can be expected from free spins in Legacy of the Wild if Lady Luck looks upon you.

Visual Effects

In addition to Legacy of the Wild’s great graphics, which bring out the Fantasy theme, there are also very nice options that Playtech included to allow VideoSlots punters to:

  • see the paytable information
  • set credit size
  • start autospin
  • change the sound volume
  • mute the sounds
  • spin the 5 reels in Turbo mode
  • find out more about Legacy of the Wild

The Sound Effects

Opening any new Magic-themed slot means encountering new audio solutions. Legacy of the Wild was made to reflect the theme. Playtech nicely matched the topic with the technical elements. £90000 may be your prize in this ground-breaking game and it’ll come with corresponding sounds. Legacy of the Wild lets you click-mute the noise, too. As per your preferences, move its volume toggle up or down, as well.

Legacy of the Wild Real Cash Play

Legacy of the Wild has some great graphical features and extra elements to enjoy when playing this Playtech game in fun play mode. However, Legacy of the Wild, when played for fun, doesn’t offer any real cash like the £90000 when in fun play mode. Turning on VideoSlots’s real money play mode is the way to go if you want the 5 reels to possibly win big.

How Can I Go About Winning Money in Legacy of the Wild?

Thinking about trying to win money on the 5 reels slots? Fancy a go at the £90000 on offer as a prize? And the bonus features on offer? OK, here’s what VideoSlots requires you to do:

Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to withdrawing your wins from this 40 paylines slot, the process is quite straightforward: just withdraw the winning from your VideoSlots account via Skrill. Just try not to spend it in one go! And ask the VideoSlots customer support if you have any limit-related questions.

In order to benefit from the very nice 100% welcome bonus, you’re agreeing to go through with the 20 x play through requirements, before qualifying for being able to withdraw from your VideoSlots balance. Something else worth knowing, is the Terms & Conditions of the VideoSlots site. You won’t spot them in the info for the Legacy of the Wild game itself, though, as they aren’t set by Playtech, being specific to VideoSlots.

Is There a Way to Check Out Legacy of the Wild Without Placing Real Bets?

This neat video slot because you can enjoy some Legacy of the Wild online free play. Legacy of the Wild can also be played on a mobile.

If there’s something to appreciate about this online casino it’s how simple it makes things for Playtech slots fans. Namely, Legacy of the Wild online free play is available without opening a VideoSlots account. That way, you can test this 40-liner’s special rounds, appealing design, generosity and user-friendliness.

After you get the taste of this Playtech title in Legacy of the Wild online free play, you can move on to real play. Just deposit £10 or more, select your preferred Legacy of the Wild bet, which starts at £0.01 per line, and benefit from VideoSlots’s welcome bonus that gives you 100% more than you deposit.

Playing Legacy of the Wild with fun money and cashing out at VideoSlots – yes or no?

Should I Expect a VideoSlots No Deposit Bonus?

Talking about the free VideoSlotsno deposit bonus, fans of slots games from Playtech will be able to play Legacy of the Wild for a decent length of time, with the £10 on offer. You can even win real cash up to £90000, on Legacy of the Wild. Of course, you need to meet the 20 x play through obligation before withdrawing. Plus the £10 free play bonus will be deducted from winnings. VideoSlots is letting you play for free, so that seems fair.

Legacy of the Wild App

VideoSlots doesn’t offer a Legacy of the Wild app for playing this video title, but you can play it on your mobile device by going directly to the VideoSlots website. It is optimized for playing on mobile, so you can win the £90000 on your Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad and Android tablet and smartphone, without having to worry about the VideoSlots app.

When you feel like playing this video slot on iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to do it on VideoSlots site in your browser because you won’t find an app for it.

VideoSlots felt that Android owners shouldn’t be devoid of Legacy of the Wild when they wish to play it on mobile. This Magic-themed game has a dedicated VideoSlots app that awaits its lucky punters in Google Store.

VideoSlots is one of the few who actually offers an Windows optimized app. After you download it, you can play this Magic themed slot on your Microsoft Lumia phone.

One thing you should beware of if you want to play Legacy of the Wild online is that you should always download a verified VideoSlots app, which is free of charge. Any apps offering Playtech slots for a fee are fraudulent.

VideoSlots App Bonus for Legacy of the Wild Mobile

It’s highly unusual to see that VideoSlots offers no bonus for Legacy of the Wild mobile players, which Legacy of the Wild fans will surely be saddened to know. Perhaps Playtech titles will be available to play using a VideoSlots mobile bonus in the near future – we certainly hope so.

The Max Prize

Want to know more about Legacy of the Wild’s best prize? Check out its paytable – press the paytable icon and it will open up. There you’ll see Wizard which pays out the top prize of 750x line bet when 5 of them hit those reels. That’s the Legacy of the Wild prize to keep your eye on if you’re into big wins.

How to Win on Slots

Now, if you’ve chosen to play Legacy of the Wild online, you’re already off to a good start. Keep in mind that online slot games, including Legacy of the Wild, are determined by random numbers, so at the end of the day, it’s really chance, not Playtech, that determines your fate. Because it is a computer program and not a physical machine, each Legacy of the Wild spin is independent of all other spins on those 5 reels and you cannot predict the outcome based on previous outcomes.

Of course, you might decide you want to upgrade and start playing with real cash. Which is where we suggest you proceed with caution. Set yourself an amount you’re happy to spend on your online casino entertainment. Maybe you should base this on how much you’d spend on a night out? Or a trip to the cinema? Whatever you decide, we suggest you set a limit, both in terms of time and money, and stick to it.

On the subject of volatility of Legacy of the Wild, you can count on rarer payouts, but generous ones. If you also take into account that Playtech made this title with an RTP of 96.06%, you’ll realize how well those 5-reels could pay you, not counting VideoSlots’s profit, which is made on millions of spins.

This particular Playtech slots game, of course, with its 40 paylines, is set for an average Return to Player payout of96.06% – meaning your average return will be £96.06 for every £100 spent with it. So even though you’re having fun, you should also have a chance of a win that could be quite big, though doesn’t occur very often.Most of all, then, enjoy this Playtech game and the others available at VideoSlots online casino.

On Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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