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Voucher Code: MAXCASINO

When you play Copy Cats for real money, a new player ComeOn bonus might come in handy. Here’s how you get it: Type in MAXCASINO, a ComeOn Voucher Code that will bring you a 100% bonus to match your deposit all of which you can play NetEnt games with, including the Copy Cats slot.

ComeOn Voucher Code Tips

Go ahead and use that Voucher Code – it’s really simple! ComeOn’s website contains a Voucher Code field where MAXCASINO needs to be typed in. In addition, make a deposit and ComeOn will match it with a 100% up to £25.

Get a 100% Welcome Bonus from ComeOn

ComeOn currently haws the most attractive promotional offer. Don’t forget to use the MAXCASINO Voucher Code. Open a new account and your reward is the ComeOn welcome bonus.

The first deposit with a fresh ComeOn account unlocks a 100% ComeOn bonus. ComeOn asks for the minimum deposit of just £9 in return for which you get a 100% match, with the maximum of £25. In practice, it’s like this: deposit £9 and what you get is another £9 to match your deposit and play quality ComeOn titles all you like.

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Copy Cats Intro

Targeting the fans of Cute-themed slots, NetEnt built in great features into Copy Cats, including 25 paylines which feature 12 vivid symbols that pay up to 200x line bet. The payouts are generally not so big but are quite frequent, especially in this video slot’s special features, which adds to the overall good impression.

Copy Cats Online Featues

This 25-payliner was designed with Cats fans in mind. Still, it offers much more than a refined design. Read on to find out exactly what it is about Copy Cats that slot fans love so much.

Know that while having fun with this 25 paylines slot you could also win heaps of money thanks to the 10 free spins rounds. Also, the 12 standard symbols are not alone, there are prospect boosting wilds and scatters

Ever think about joining an online casino such as ComeOn? Opening a free account and playing Copy Cats can make you busy trying to win lots of cash prizes. And not only that, you can also have fun playing Copy Cats on any device, including your mobile, via ComeOn’s mobile app. What’s more, a convenient welcome bonus is also offered if you have the right promo code, like MAXCASINO.


When Copy Cats was originally released in 2017, it became one of the players’ favourite NetEnt games in no time. This Cats slot operates smoothly owing to constant updates.

Guide to Playing

There are some rules for playing Copy Cats:

  • When you hit the minimum 3 matching symbols on an active payline, Copy Cats will pay out a prize
  • It pays left to right, except in the case of the Cat Bell, which pays any
  • As for this video slot’s wild symbol, any of the 12 symbols can be substituted by it, except the Copy Cats’s scatter
  • Another important rule of Copy Cats – it pays just the top line win
  • Activating the free spins feature brings 10 free spins
  • The lowest bet available is £0.25
  • All winnings and play will be voided by any malfunction

Play Online Slots – Learn How

The following are brief instructions regarding Copy Cats. The basics are that you need the minimum 3 of a kind symbols along one of 25 paylines to win something. Furthermore, Copy Cats’s 5 reels and winlines pay out left to right, offering plenty of winning opportunities.These rules apply to many slot games, so keep them in mind if you want to play NetEnt slots online.

How to choose where to play Copy Cats slot? The offer is abundant. Still, in the right casino you’ll get even more! Up to £25 will top up your first depost at ComeOn. All you need to do is type MAXCASINO into the Voucher Code field.

If you want to play this 5-reeler in ComeOn’s free play mode and win real money – that’s simply not possible. Copy Cats free play is there so you could get to know the game. The £10000 is available only if you play for real. You can play it online or on your mobile device.

If you’re a bit unsure, play this Cats slot in the free mode first, which is available for mobile play, too. ComeOn offers a no-download version of its games.

The Spin button will start those reels. You need to have the minimum of 3 identical symbols, while the maximum is 5.

It’s always recommendable to play on all 25 paylines, to boost your winning odds. Fortunately, Copy Cats resolved this for you, as only all 25 paylines can be played on. The video slot’s Turbo mode is available, too.

Tips for Playing Online Slots:

  • The first step is to decide on how many lines you’re betting.

Copy Cats has 25 paylines which spread across its 5 reels. The cool thing is that the 25 paylines are fixed, meaning you can’t bet on any less than that. And this is for the best, trust us.

This video slot has left to right paying lines. With rewards that are small but regularly given and 25 lines, your ComeOn account will be bursting.

  • After paylines, you should turn to Copy Cats’s coin value.

This is often referred to as coin size. Copy Cats lets you pick yours thanks to a designated button, and the range covered starts from £0.01 and goes up to £0.5.

Bearing in mind that all 25 of the NetEnt slot’s paylines are active by default, Copy Cats requires no mandatory coin size to hit its jackpot and get 200x your bet per line.

  • The next step on your way to playing Copy Cats is the selection of your line stake.

There is no uniform approach to this. ComeOn, for example, enables setting coin value per Copy Cats bet lines. The variations start at 1 and close with 10 coins, all adjustable using a single toggle.

Just remember that in regard to paylines, you have no choice – it is as simple as that. Only 25 paylines are available. If NetEnt decides that optional paylines could enhance Copy Cats in newer versions, this might change.

In this 25 paylines slot you can have your bet size at the maximum with one button – the bet max button.

You can decide to wager £0.01 or go up to £5 on a line. £5 is somewhat of a high amount, so this 5-reeler is perfect for high-rollers.

  • Ready, set, go! Just click on Spin and who knows – maybe £10000 will fall right into your hands!

Once activated, the reels will spin on the paylines and credit size you’ve picked before. If you’re feeling too lazy to click Spin every time, use this 5-reeler’s auto play option, which lets you spin non-stop for up to 1000 times.

But once you’ve received any extra feature, let’s say the free spins the Auto Play will stop to let you play that.

  • Now, take another look at Copy Cats’s dashboard – you should see two more options: one for full screen and another one for volume.

Oddly, there is no Copy Cats full screen option. Hopefully, this NetEnt game will be enhanced in future.

The mute toggle is there to mute this Cats-themed slot.

The truth is, you can further change this video slot’s settings to suit you. As a NetEnt title, it also has the sound volume up/down button.

How Many Symbols Are There?

NetEnt gave this slot 12 regular symbols, and from the highest paying to the lowest paying, they are:

  • The best one is the Red Cat
  • The Pink Cat
  • The Blue Cat
  • The Toy Mouse
  • The Bottle of Milk
  • The lowest paying is the Orange, Pink, Green and Blue Paw Print.

It’s also possible to win decent sums on:

  • the Golden Cat which is the wild here
  • the Golden Cat that starts the stacked wild symbol extra
  • The Cat Bell scatter sign
  • The Cat Bell – i.e. the freespins tile

If you’re playing Copy Cats to win big, keep an eye on the Red Cat, the game’s most generous symbol, 5 of which pay out a massive prize – 200x payline bet. Expressed in coins, on the 250 maximum stake per each of the 25 paylines, this prize would amount to lucrative a £10000!

Be on the look-out for this one, it will pay you the most:

If you don’t receive Red Cat combos, don’t lose hope – there’s the Pink Cat icon, which is the second highest paying tile. Should you hit 5 the Pink Cat symbols you will find your line bet multiplied by 150, so on the max line bet level of £5, it could bring you £750. When you hit a payline full of the Blue Cat symbols, this means that you’ve scored the third strongest symbol. It earns you 100x your line bet when you have 5 of them. With it, you can pocket maximum £500 per line, provided that you’re on the max line stake level of £5.

If you receive 5 Toy Mouse symbols, this means that you’ll get a 75-fold increase of your line bet. Another chance to wheel in a winner is given by the Bottle of Milk – the fifth higest paying tile. It will bring you a 50x line wager. Finally, with the Orange, Pink, Green and Blue Paw Print you will receive a nice little prize of 25x multiplier.

As for the wild symbol, it generally appears in ComeOn slots and substitutes for other 12 symbols to create additional winners. Can’t hurt to have a better winning chance. There are other types of wilds in Copy Cats, too.

Copy Cats does have a nifty wild, but NetEnt didn’t stop there when it comes to special symbols – the Cat Bell scatter was thrown into the mix, with a line bet multiplier of x.

It’s good to know that NetEnt also included special free spins symbol, Cat Bell.

Bet Lines

What you have before you is a so-called video slot with 25 paylines going over 5 reels.

Looking at this sophisticatedly designed slot, you’ll discover that it represents a 5-reeler with 25 paylines.

This is a simple yet interesting slot, for NetEnt had a brainstorm and decided to make Copy Cats a nonflexible game payline-wise. This means that the Cats-themed game only offers a fixed amount of 25 lines.

NetEnt decided that the wagering can be adjusted differently . As a matter of fact, the wager can be altered by setting the coin size, and even changing the number of coins per winline is a possibility.

The game has a set bet minimum of 25 coins, though the wager can rise up to 250 of them in sum total. The choice of line bets can include one coin which is used as the opening point, increasing to 10 coins as the maximum playable line bet. Also, it is important that this NetEnt slot’s coin value can also be set manually by utilizing the coin size button.

The other options to set your Copy Cats bet size include selecting the cash value per coin, or playing with multiple coins.

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Payline Rules

  • Paylines pay left to right.
  • A the minimum of 3 matching symbols on an active payline required for Copy Cats’s payout.
  • the Golden Cat symbol substitutes for all other regular symbols.
  • The stacked wild symbol bring multiple prizes with multiple line coverage.
  • Scatter symbols pay any.
  • Payouts are made only for the top win per line. NetEnt made it work so that Copy Cats would pay only the highest win of those available.
  • There’s no choosing the paylines in Copy Cats, as they are fixed. Thereby, the NetEnt slot lets you scoop all the 3 matching symbol winnings.

Reels in Online Slots

NetEnt kept the direction in which Copy Cats’s reels are moving quite ordinary – when activated, the 5 spinning wheels move toward the bottom of Copy Cats’s screen, bringing nice, generous prizes up to 200x line bet.

These 5 reels will present you with 12 principal symbols which join forces with a Golden Cat symbol and a Cat Bell symbol. In this video slot you can run into a Golden Cat symbols,

Copy Cats Jackpot

Who doesn’t love online slot jackpots? NetEnt, apparently! There is no fixed Copy Cats jackpot in their Copy Cats game. However, extra types of offers, such as the 200x your line stake available, allow NetEnt to give you something different instead. In order to win, you need to get the Red Cat 5 lined up. This can bring you as much as £10000 in cash for a £5 bet.

Where Can I Play Copy Cats with a Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots might be great for attracting people, but Copy Cats not having one needn’t put you off playing this NetEnt slots game. The 5 reel slot action comes with its own bonus of a 200x multiplier that can easily ramp up the potential winnings. You might also find Copy Cats games being included in the jackpots offered by other NetEnt casinos, too.

Video Slots vs. Classic Slots

Copy Cats is a video slot game. It features detailed visuals with special animated icons and exciting audio effects.

Is This Online Slot 3D?

Sadly, no. NetEnt opted for a simpler approach. However, Copy Cats will land you prizes time and again, making this game one of your favourites.

Copy Cats Download

ComeOn thought of everything and provided an instant version of NetEnt games for you to play without a Copy Cats download. This means with Copy Cats you don’t have to trouble yourself in order to get the £10000. You can also spin those 5 reels in demo mode for free to your heart’s delight. And the good news is that you can do it on your mobile as well. Now, if you want to start your betting for real winnings make a deposit.

Buttons and Controls

Here are the details on how to operate Copy Cats.

Hit the Spin Button

Take any contemporary slot game, such as Copy Cats, and see which button is pressed the most. It’s always the game starting button, which is known by many a name, including Spin, Play, Start, or Go. However, in this 5-reeler, it’s known as the Spin, and it starts the reels, which may bring 20000 coins, which is Copy Cats’s largest prize. Remember, all it takes is a single click! To keep Spin from feeling lonely, there are also:

  • Should you need more info you can click on the info icon
  • You can pick the maximum bet
  • A Turbo setting which is detailed later on
  • In Copy Cats you can set the value for coins
  • You can control the volume of Copy Cats
  • You can mute the game completely

Turbo Boost

Sometimes Cute style slots feature a Turbo button to speed up the 5 reels. They will rotate faster both in the standard and the bonus rounds.

Besides many other smashing features, Copy Cats also has the Turbo setting. It will enable thosefrequent wins come even more faster, for sure.

Info Button

If you seek more in-depth information about Copy Cats and its characteristics, use the Info tab NetEnt installed to keep you informed. It’s situated on Copy Cats’s dashboard and contains its paytable, rules and other details NetEnt thought would be of use while playing Copy Cats.

Autoplay Button

Which game features include a mode for continuous spinning, so it’s not necessary to press Spin every time? Autoplay! There are some breaks, which only serve for you to see your winning symbols, something which may make the ComeOn slots’ play a tad more thrilling. It is quite useful to know that Autoplay is a parameter when you play this 5-reeler, as this component allows you to spin Copy Cats with no interruptions at all.

It is without doubt that the Autoplay setting in Copy Cats enables much faster spinning. Not only that, but Autospin as it is also called, is adaptable, so NetEnt made its stopping adjustable.

As said before, the 5 reels can be made to stop when you want them to, for example when the 10 free spins have been won.

The Min Bet

So, you like the look of those frequent wins and the prospect of pocketing something extra with the bonus code that you get as a welcoming gift, but before you register at ComeOn make sure that you know what is the minimum bet. This way you’ll know exactly how much the winning will be.

You’ll have to spend some time to lower your Copy Cats stake to a minimum, because there is no one button for this. So look around to find how to set 1 coins per line.

The lowest bet you can pick in Copy Cats is £0.25, if you opt for a coin of £0.01 and if the online slot’s 25 lines are active.

The paylines’ number is fixed, but all the Copy Cats’s special rewards may be activated if all 25 lines are active. On the other hand, NetEnt ensured that the minimum wager of £0.25 gives you a chance to enjoy this innovative game and activate its features.

Max Bet

Do you fancy yourself as a serious player? You want to bet maximum in Copy Cats? You want to do it quickly? See that yes button? Just hit that and your stake will be set to Max Bet. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Here, 25 paylines, 10 coins per line and £0.5 per coins is what marks the max.

RTP Percentages Demistyfied

Many players don’t understand how Copy Cats’s RTP works. Based on payouts over time, video slots’ Return to Player rate ranges between 93% and generous 96%, practically returning up to £96 on average for every £100 wagered. Therefore, it’s not related to winning 93% to 96% of the time, but rather to Copy Cats’s generosity in terms of cash.

This NetEnt slot is quite popular, and with a reason – it has an astonishing Copy Cats RTP of 96.76%, so you will love spinning those 12 symbols.

Extra Symbols

Just for your info, although more information is ensuing – this 5-reeler is a great game as it contains both the Golden Cat and the Cat Bell symbols together.

Scatter in Slots

It is a great game, this 5-reel slot, as it has a scatter symbol, entitled the Cat Bell,, and NetEnt has made it lucrative without even showing along the 25 paylines. The reward can be up to times your wager, along with the Free Spins round, all of this making it very alluring.

Here is a picture of the Scatter:

the Golden Cat Wild – Copy Cats’s Most Loved Symbol

The stand-in for any of the other 12 regular symbols is the Golden Cat wild symbol. let’s say you have 4 symbols that match and let’s say these are the Pink Cat. What this wild will do is stand as a Pink Cat tile, thus giving you 5 matching symbols and winning you 150 times of the bet you made for a line.

This above is Copy Cats’s substitute symbol.

Expanding Wild in NetEnt video

Having an expanding wild symbol is great, but this Cats slot doesn’t have one. But there are so many other special ingredients in Copy Cats that you won’t even know it’s missing.

Did NetEnt Give Copy Cats Some Stacked Wilds?

What’s better than seeing wilds stack? The Golden Cat symbol lets you watch this happen, and NetEnt enabled it to pay you up to x line bet – quite hefty, right?

Can I Get an Overlay Wild in this 5-reeler?

It may be that you may feel let down that this 5-reeler lacks an overlay wild but hopefully, NetEnt might give this game one in a future update.

Using the Paytable

If you like to see the facts before playing, check Copy Cats’s Paytable. There is a designated button for opening a rich presentation of all 12 symbols, as well as the prizes. Starting with 3 equivalent symbols, the prizes are waiting. NetEnt locked the maximum number of same symbols at 5, so if all of them hit an active line, this Cats-themed slot’s biggest reward will come your way. Copy Cats’s top paying symbol the Red Cat will pay you 200 times your line bet if a total of 5 of them are there. Other symbols include the Pink Cat symbol that comes together with a 150x line stake multiplier. The game also contains the Blue Cat symbol which increases your winning line stake 100 times. Somewhat lower prizes, but still worth mentioning come from 5 Toy Mouse symbols lined up to multiply line bet by 75. This applies to the Bottle of Milk, too. It is responsible for triggering a 50x line stake multiplier. The smallest reward in this 5-reel slot comes from the Orange, Pink, Green and Blue Paw Print, which multiplies your line wager up to 25 times, making it attractive to ComeOn players even though it’s not a top prize.

Explaining it simply, if you wager £0.01 for each line and you line up 5 Orange, Pink, Green and Blue Paw Print symbols, your winnings will be £0.25. The possibilities improve from there, such that Copy Cats can give you more than the minimum. For example, 5 Pink Cat icons all appearing on an ‘in play’ line will give you £1.5 added on to your ComeOn balance. The biggest possible win, of course, is £2 – which you can win by achieving 5 Red Cat in your ‘in play’ line.

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Selecting the Bet Size for Copy Cats

In this 25 paylines slot you can determine your credit size in several ways:

  • Choosing the number of coins per line
  • Coin value options
  • Selecting cash bet per line

In this 5-reeler, you can only play on 25 lines. But that’s okay, Copy Cats payouts are the best on the maximum lines.

Copy Cats could very well become one of your favourite video slots because it gives you the power to keep your stakes as high as you want them. You can bet only 1 of your coins per line, but if you feel lucky you can maximize that number of coins to 10 on a line. For some slots, NetEnt will opt to fix the number of lines which will be active to the maximum. Here it’s 25 lines. So you can’t choose less, but what you can decide on is the size of what you are wagering, and that can range from 1 to 10 coins per line.

Does Copy Cats Let Me Pick Out the Coin Value?

Knowing how much you will stand to win is very important, that’s why NetEnt enabled you to decide what value your coins will have in this video slot.

This value ranges from £0.01 to £0.5. It’s easy to set – just click on the up and down buttons. This is not the final cash bet size – you still need to factor in 25 lines and the amount of coins used. In total, you will bet at least £0.25 or the maximum £125.

Does Copy Cats Have a Multiplier Extra?

There’s a number of video slots that feature a winnings multiplier. Copy Cats’s 25x to 200x line stake multipliers shouldn’t be mixed with it – is a special feature of its own. While Copy Cats doesn’t feature any multipliers, there’s the Copy Cats, which is its special game.

Special Features in Copy Cats

Are there any in this video slot game?

Bonuses in Copy Cats

Sure, Copy Cats is a title that has a quite interesting layout, but does it have a bonus game? No. The thing it can give you is the yes extra where you’ll get 10 free spins to help you achieve your desired winning.

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The Double or Nothing Feature

Only a few 25-line slots don’t have Gamble feature nowadays, but Copy Cats is one of them. You may think NetEnt omitted it, but it’s actually cool, because that way all Copy Cats prizes you win will end up in your ComeOn account.

NetEnt Copy Cats Free Spins

It’s possible to get confused by free spins. When playiing video slots games, you might see Copy Cats free spins offered. Also, on signing up to certain online casinos, Don’t make the mistake of confusing the free play offer at ComeOn with free spins. Free play is a demo mode offered by ComeOn that allows you to play without cash. You won’t win cash for these games, however, NetEnt slots do offer free spins that can pay well if you win them in real money play.

You can potentially win 10 free spins at various points while playing the Copy Cats slots game.

Playing Copy Cats will provide you free spins. However, 10 may not measure up to what’s expected from ComeOn when it comes to the number of spins you get. NetEnt has many other games with more free spins, so this video slots game isn’t really at the top of the list for generosity. And you’ll probably find that Copy Cats’s free spins offer a good payout – which may be some form of NetEnt making up for the low number of spins on offer. You can win as much as

Game Design

A lot of ComeOn players prefer video slots due to their modern design. This 25 paylines slot has a selection of controls that you can use to:

  • see the paytable information
  • choose the cash value for your coins
  • choose your stake in coins
  • start autospin
  • bet the maximum
  • change the sound volume
  • mute the sounds
  • spin the 5 reels in Turbo mode
  • find out more about Copy Cats

Copy Cats Real Cash Play

What we are here for is to win those 20000 coins per spin, but we can’t deny that Copy Cats’s attractive design is one of the reasons why ComeOn players keep coming back to this NetEnt title.

Real Money Play Key Steps

Should you decide to play this Cats game for cash, you can do so by registering with ComeOn. All you have to do is:

  • Open ComeOn’s website
  • Start the process by pressing the sign up button
  • Give all the necessary info
  • In the Voucher Code field put: MAXCASINO and instantly get a ComeOn welcome bonus of 100% up to £25
  • Deposit the minimum £9 to play
  • Have a blast with Copy Cats and its great wins

Withdrawal Methods

When you win money on this NetEnt title, it’ll end up in your ComeOn bankroll immediately. Withdrawing it is easy – just use Skrill to make the transaction easily. Each method features a limit, so ask ComeOn’s customer support about these.

If you want to take advantage of a ComeOn welcome bonus, such as the new sign up offer of 100%, you’ll need to take not of the specific 70x playthrough requirements. You’ll be unable to withdraw from your Copy Cats balance without achieving these. You should also take not of the withdrawal policy for ComeOn, which is outlined in its own T&Cs – not in the Copy Cats specific info section, as provided by NetEnt, as they’re not responsible for them.

How to Play Copy Cats for Free?

If you want to play Copy Cats online for free, you can, and you can do it on you mobile too.

What many players find great about ComeOn is the option to play Copy Cats free. You can take NetEnt slots can for a test drive without an actual ComeOn account. Copy Cats’s famous extra features, along with its cool design and massive prizes are accessible within seconds.

After you get the taste of this NetEnt title in Copy Cats online free play, you can move on to real play. Just deposit £9 or more, select your preferred Copy Cats bet, which starts at £0.01 per line, and enjoy the welcome bonus ComeOn offers to its players – up to £25 on top of your deposit when MAXCASINO is entered into a bonus field on ComeOn’s site or mobile app.

How To Unlock A ComeOn No Deposit Bonus

There are no free chips offered by ComeOn, so the ComeOn no deposit bonus is missing from their offer list. If this changes in the future, this Copy Cats review will inform you about it. However, NetEnt slots, including this 5-reel title, can be played with ComeOn’s welcome bonus of 100% up to £ 25.

Does ComeOn Offer a Copy Cats App?

ComeOn made this genuine title available to Android, Windows, iOS device owners through a Copy Cats app with the same pop-culture design, the same top win of 200x line bet, and the same good, old 96.76% payout rate. Therefore, you can play Copy Cats on the go, spinning those 5 reels at the same speed as on ComeOn’s desktop version.

iOS devices’ owners can spin the 5 reels on the go – there is an iOS dedicated ComeOn app. All those frequent prizes are available right in the palm of your hand.

ComeOn felt that Android owners shouldn’t be devoid of Copy Cats when they wish to play it on mobile. This Cats-themed game has a dedicated ComeOn app that awaits its lucky punters in Google Store.

Strangely, not many casinos offer apps for Windows Phones. But ComeOn does, enabling the users of Microsoft Lumia and the likes to enjoy Copy Cats on the go.

Just to let you know – if a site tries to sell a ComeOn or Copy Cats app, it’s bogus. Don’t go there. The app’s free, so don’t waste money in vain.

Copy Cats Mobile Promo Offer

You don’t get to see many Copy Cats mobile casinos without promos. Yet, ComeOn is one of them, as its mobile offering doesn’t have a single mobile bonus. Great numbers of NetEnt’s mobile slots indicate that as a NetEnt-powered venue, ComeOn should reconsider its bonus policy and reward Copy Cats fans’ loyalty with a nice mobile promo.

The Maximum Win

This particular game offersfrequent potential wins. The paytable has all the info – which you can see by clicking the relevant paytable button. The best symbol, as you’ll see, is the Red Cat, which comes with a possible 200 x line stake multiplier win. This means that, with your line stake at 10 coins, and each coin being worth £0.5, you could win big by lining up the 5 reels.

Copy Cats Cheats

It’s always good to have a plan, even when playing NetEnt games. A plan may not help you win much more, though, but rather avoid losing more than you planned. Don’t be fooled by numerous strategies for slots that promise better winnings – all wins in Copy Cats and every other slot are randomly determined, so you can’t influence that.

Your purpose for playing the online slots games could be one of several different things. You might be after the £10000 prize.

Similarly to so many other NetEnt slots, prizes here can be won quite often, but they usually come in smaller amounts.

Playing these brightly-lit games isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, of course. But we’ll wager that, having read this far down our review, you’re more than likely to be the sort of person who does enjoy this form of entertainment. So why not treat yourself to a bit of ‘me time’ and have a go on the slots – in free play mode or with real cash. But remember, whichever mode you choose, you should always be in it for the fun of it, not because you think you’ll end up winning the big one. Good luck!

NetEnt Facts:

  • Established: 1996
  • Founder: Pontus Lindwall
  • Headquarters: Vasagatan 16, 111 20, Stockholm
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Online and Mobile Gaming, Digital Gaming Solutions, Entertainment
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